This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

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Sunday 30th

Another sunny Sunday morning at BG Bob was having a boiler test on his SR King Arthur. After which he checked his mole traps and got a prize The SM32 team was busy today laying track and bridge painting. Peter R was found cleaning wood up for a wooden bench that he his restoring. Dave M remove a vice from our old track laying truck we used, Then with Brian's help they moved some bricks and the green bin to a new home. Brian was busy fitting a splash guard to the Boxford lathe and sorting other jobs out. Chris was one the surface grinder I think doing L&B bits I was asked to do some you guessed it welding after which I welded up the very sort lamp posts tables.

Thanks Dave for the last three photos

Bob's King Arthur having a boiler test.

The lads busy on the SM 32

The new bridge been weather proofed by the builder Dave O

Chris on the grinder.

One gusset in place 5 more to do

Peter's R bench in bits. Cannot wait to try it

Dave & Brian moving bricks.

A close up of the bridge  

The kit of tools to lay track on the SM32

Looking better Steve, Still would keep the day job as you kept missing bit that need welding two in fact!!!

Adrian busy with the mechanical tamper tool 

Hiding behind the viaduct

Keeping Rod's concrete dry

That's where it should be.   Are we still aloud to give orders Rod?


Sunday 23rd

After a night of rain we found the sun out very pleasant and warming. Not many lads on-site today must be holiday time or their pass had  run out at home! Dave & Rod were busy cutting grass around the SM32 Later joined by Mark and Allan were they set about laying track around the new viaduct Allan also was found soaking wood for under the track. Brian was busy on the Boxford fitting a switch, I set about cutting some steel for the very short lamp post job and help  Brian in between my job

Posing yet again lads, I must get a better camouflage so you will not see creep up!

Rod busy pointing around the trembler Sorry pillar.

Mark and Dave making a start on laying track on the new viaduct.

Allan soaking the wood in his grill pan How long each side we ask?



Sunday 16th

Summer is still with us today "T" shirts the order of the day. I found Rod playing yes playing trains today! With his Speedy. A new member was running on the raised track. Dave M had a very good clean up in the steaming bay area. Rodney was sorting out new fencing by the level crossing gate. The lads were very busy on the SM32 building bridges. In the work shop area. Stuart and John were rewiring in the surface grinder as it was now installed in it's new placing.  Chris was milling the last wheels for the L&B Brian was still on tidy up duty do to things just been dumped. Brian was grinding the lamp posts outside. So you guessed it I was on welding duty today.

Rod on route to get some amo.

Looks like we need an enquire as no amo box?

Mark helping Dave O fit Dave's new bridge

Looks very good Dave we must get some close ups. Check SM32 section for more

Chris milling the last but one wheel yes we could put them on the lathe but we need to hold the OD

Spark less lamp posts or has the bulb gone

Rodney placing his fence posts out

Don't give up the day job Steve!

Allan & Dave laying track Has Allan got some amo there!

Mark and his helper laying track.

A new recruit for ballast duties

Almost at the bridge


Tuesday 11th

Another hot day how long before the rain arrives?
The usual faces on site working on the many projects in hand, also nice to have some young help in the form of Jack.

Peter and Co. Working on the footbridge

'Underneath the arches' Allan singing as he paints the newly erected arches

Just waiting for Dave to return and do his magic on them

Allan & Mark installing the base for the trestle bridge

A new jigsaw puzzle fitting rocks around the slabs to make a cutting

Jack moving the rocks from Mikes car

Now moving on to breaking rocks! Jack on the kango hammer assisting Brian

Cutting a recess into the wall for the motor on the surface grinder


Sunday 9th

A wonderful summer's day far to nice to work but some lads did, Mostly on the SM 32 The pillars were dry so they could fit the arches on. Peter R was busy on the foot bridge scraping paint off to see what repairs are needed. Brain was still on workshop tied up duty. Brian was fitting a guard to the Boxford lathe. Myself I found the miller set up with a L&B wheel on it so milled the boss off. In the afternoon we had a birthday party booked in.

Dry run of the posing before they stand and admire there days work.

Rod cutting a sod out. It is now refitted in my front grass.

Mark with one of the trusty buckets

Mark & Dan busy laying arches Rod !!

Peter on the bridge scraping paint of ready for checking what repairs are needed before a repaint.

Steve's Loco on shed ready for steaming for the afternoons birthday party.

One of the L&B wheels on the miller having the centre boss removed to final size. 5 more to do.

Rod with the other trusty bucket. Not still looking for tennis balls are we



Sunday 2nd

Today we was blessed with a nice sunny day for our annual 2 & 1/2inch gauge rally. Peter Mc and myself took quite a few photos and they will be on the own web page. I did find two or three lads working in the background and  so to show they were there beavering away

A Two & half loco been steamed on the raised track, Just to show what's on the other page

The lads handy work from last week as no photos came in to show you.

Rod thinking this stuff is no good for my palliasse

Allan casting the inner part of yet another arch.

Rod pouring his soup out for dinner, carrot and onion I recon