What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

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Sunday 26th

The sun was shining bright today. Not many lads about today to enjoy it! All at the SCRS exhibition. Working I was told Stuart and John had been fitting  the new lighting into the now finished shed. Brian was moving stuff from the main building in to it. After a small welding job which was cut short due to an empty CO2 bottle, I helped move stuff about with Brian. Ron was busy sawing some box section steel tubing for the next job! Ian, Mark & Rod were busy tidying up around the SM32 area. Latter joined by Allan. The engine lift ram is causing problems and Bill with Dave were having a discussion about it.

Rod busy chuntering to him self, What I cannot say !!!

Ron in the sun getting some rays watching the saw cut some box section tube.

Mark with a new a toy.

Ian planting plants not pillars this makes a change.

John Bill & Dave discussing Bill's idea. The lift needs a new ram fitting Not a easy job.

Must be Sunday the gardeners are out in force.

What did you say Rod?

Sutton Coldfield Railway Society's Annual Exhibition


Friday 24th

The lads had a pillar planting session today, and at the end the hard work produced a very productive day. here's the results.

Rod & Allan make a start digging in the foundations.

The pillars starting to go in

Rod thinking that doesn't look right?

After a bit of tweaking that's better

The two viaducts merging.

Rod & Allan concreting the foundations in.

End of the day's work a small bridge will fill the gap to the sleepers.

This part of the viaduct was a bit tricky as we had to work on both sections at the same time to get them level when they meet at the sleepers


Sunday 19th

A small chill in the air this morning as I chatted to Dave and Brian on the high level steaming bay having a boiler test done by Peter Mc. I found Ian digging for a new planted area on the SM32. Rod was about to feed the fish as he waited for Allan to arrive. Rodney was busy on his fencing, near completion I was told.  On the miller was Brian and Chris setting up a milling job for the L&B I got to work on the shed ceiling wood joined by Dave and Brian. The shed job had slowed up a little but now we are back on it. Just before I left I found Allan Ian Mark & Rod busy in deep thought measuring up to get the bridge a made.

Saturday 18th Dave with Mike checking the measurements to make a copy of the bridge.

Ian upstanding in his projected Or waiting for his barrow to empty it self!

Dave and Brian with Dave's engine The other small engine I think is Lens.

Rodney busy on the fencing Looking very good as well.

All the wood has been fitted ready to screw another sheet up.

Yes lads we need a bridge as there is bump down and then up

More pillars were a going to be planted for a short 3 foot long bridge double tracked width




Spring has finally arrived. The frame for the marquee was put back up, and work continued on the projects down the workshop.

Before and after the last two bridge pillars for the sm32 viaduct before it goes onto the sleeper area.

The cast arch sides fit into the recess

Dave Smith completing a boiler test

Pillars and arches transferred ready for planting

Paul, Ron & Dave having a break from fitting out the new shed


Sunday 12th

The wind was blowing well today, this made it feel cold if you stood about for to long. Rod and Ian were busy, Rod was grass cutting around the PILLARS! He did not like that too many of them! Ian was sorting rocks for another rockery up the top area of the SM32. Bob B I think had been running his loco or it may be a boiler test today. Dave M was back in the shed with Len & Brian fitting wood in the roof to hold the sheets up. Peter Mc was using the press to broach his 4 eccentric key ways. I was finishing of last weeks job on the lathe helped by Chris G. Other lads were getting ready for a birthday party which had been booked for today.

Dave with Len  busy fitting the wood in the roof of the new shed.

 Gravel or another rockery be good? Think need a few drops of oil on the shears as well Rod.  (Looks like might not have his little door open)

Bob busy cleaning his loco after a run.

Peter Mc been helped by Mike and Brian putting a one of 4 keyways in an eccentrics.

What Peter Mc working on for his loco. Many thanks Peter for the photo.

Last washers nearly parted off the 2 inch bar. (Chuck not rotating that fast camera effect) 




Sunday 5th

A very pleasant sunny Easter Sunday morning, I had heard early in the week that we had a brake in on-site. I found quite a few members chatting about it, what was taken, what damage had been done, Petrol powered gardening  tools and some battery drills were stolen, NO electrical gardening tools? . I found Brian busy grinding small disc of steel after his mate had cut them off on the saw. I found myself turning some 2 1/2 inch steel bar down to 2 inch and parting some bigger disc's off. Brian was setting the miller up to miller the outer fly cranks. Allan D was busy making more brackets for the raised flower bed gang. Allan asked very nicely to have them welded up. Ian, Mark & Rod were very busy planting more sleepers. It has been found that all sleepers are not cut two the same size.

Many thanks to Mark for sending over the Friday's team effort. 

Friday's work on the sleeper area

Allan tamping the ground down

Chris playing a major part holding the sleeper down whilst surgery is carried out on the other end

The other end Allan's turn with the saw

A game for all Rod & Ian on the bow saw these sleepers made everyone puff from lifting to cutting

The finished article next we shall start filling it ready for the track to go in the middle

Another pillar hot out the mould.

As left last Friday by the lads.

This is as far as it is going. then back on pillars. Or a small bump up!

Rod hard at it. Mark testing the shovel is the correct height. 

The other end the track will follow the curve and head back off into the field on more arches, so plenty of work to carry on with!