Driving Experience Day 10th  May 2015

A early start to the day was required as there were 12 guest booked into learn how to drive a Steam engine and a battery powered locomotive. We had the Hymek with Chris as instructor, Jubilee with Allan, Many thanks to Dave Smith for lending us his Stafford with Mark as instructor, We also need to thank Dave M for the lend of his Hercules tank with Peter Mc at the controls. The SM 32 track was in use with live steam radio controlled. Mike B also bought his 3” Allchin for driving around.   

There were 5 guest book in for the morning and 7 for the afternoon

There were two meetings set up AM PM in the club house to learn about the signalling system and other safety points for the day which lasted around 30 minutes. Then Bill along with Chris took the all on a trip around the track on the Hymek showing them various aspects of their lesson. Then the fun started, Each guess spent around 15 to 20 minuets on each engine, so there was plenty of activity changing drivers changing points

All 12 guessed had lunch a wonderful buffet lunch laid by the ladies in the kitchen. Tea & coffee was available all day long.

Do to my location and job for the day looking after the pond junction signal box all my photos will be all the same place but with a new driver at the controls. The are odd ones taken else where. Many thanks to Ian for a sending a few over

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