I arrived on-site at 9.25 am and found that some lads had already started to set things up. The Bonfire is the first thing to build and this had already been started. There were groups of lads collecting leaves up, finding the car park light etc, all in between the cups of tea we where supplied with. The big bell rang “dinner time” Yumeeee we found pie chips and peas for dinner today.

The weather turned to rain after lunch high winds where for cast for tonight, all were checking there favourite place and saying what time it was coming and going to happen. We set about in the light rain putting up more fencing, and drink more tea. As the light gusty wind came and moved the rain to another place the clouds got higher and it became quite warn and pleasant mid/ late afternoon. The two locomotive came on-site one an invited visitor and a club member as did the burger van man. The lads carried on with  their jobs this included getting all the carriages out, they had been left till later in case of bad rain. I made a start on the fire work area display (posh name for banging hole in the grass) Pip arrived on site and we started to set things up for the display.

We were late this year as the trains had started running as we were finishing off, so a late tea for us 5 baked spud with curry chicken and another cuppa as well.

I noticed every train was full as it left the station and queues at the burger man and spud teas serving areas.

We were asked to be ready for 7-15 ish to do the display. Which was in the dry and not so windy condition as they said. We only had one mortar go up with no boom after it, must get our money back on that one!

The rain did come around 8-45 pm and we had the carriages all put away by 9-15 pm.

All in all we think it was another good event and every one  thank you for coming once again.     

Bonfire Day Night Slide Show