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Tuesday 30th

The hort team were once again hard at work when most of us arrived today - a fine and warm, for the time of year, day.
Bill was busy with a chainsaw on Mrs. Myatt's side of the hedge adjacent to the clubhouse, and Eric, with Rodney, Ron, Steve were busy collecting the cuttings and removing them to the bonfire area. The hedge height has now been significantly lowered, and is now far easier to maintain - the hort team's words, not mine!
Garry, with the help of Peter and initially Dave, started removing the bolts prior to removing the two points at the exit throat of the station for re-ballasting. They were soon joined by Allan D and later by Mike, John Brian D and Mark, with Chris helping with drilling and supplying liquid refreshment.
The points were back in position by the end of the day, just requiring levelling and ballasting which Garry, Allan D and Mark decided to do on Wednesday 1st October.
Allan L, together with Dave S worked on the point for the new L & B access track in the NE corner.
Wednesday saw the pointwork completed, and Mark and Allan D then worked on installing the felt track bed to the baseboards of the SM32 extension.

Trackbed after points removed

Old sleeper removal

Chris drilling points for new screws

Ballast being levelled before wacking

Fitting new plastic sleepers to points

Mike fixing track panel

Finished track, fully ballasted

Mark and Allan laying felt on SM32 extension


Sunday 28th

A very warm Sunday morning for the Erewash club to visit us again. Bacon baps at the ready They did smell good. I only counted 3 possibly 4 locomotives visiting today, but I did leave at dinner time. Dave M had his class 43 XX on shed ready to steam up. As did Graham and his newly acquired Coronation LMS Graham sold this locomotive and bought it back recently. Bob had his  I think sweet pea Also was Chris and his LMS battery locomotive. I have no names or locomotive details of the visiting society. Working today was Stuart for a short time. Rod was found busy tinkering with his plants. Brian & Brian Peter R and myself were busy on the last bit of fencing.

Chris's LMS on shed.

Dave's 15XX

Bob's Conway

A Erewash member coming back in after a run

Brian thinking about the next bit of the puzzle.

Rod tinkering on the rockery.

Smile Brian. To late.

Graham and his 5" G coronation LMS locomotive.

Look the gate his open to go home lads.

Passing by as we worked one of the Erewash society lads.

Just in time to catch one of the other lads passing by.


Tuesday 23rd

A lot of members on site today - must be the continued good weather!
The writer arrived later than usual due to the collection of a van load of pallets courtesy of Dave Beaman.
Work was already in progress on a number of jobs - the hort team continuing pruning, Eric with a fire burning the cuttings as they were delivered to him, Paul, Peter, Brian x 2 and Chris working on the fencing, and Peter Mc. having a hydraulic test on his B1.
Other jobs were being worked on, but Dave M and the writer left site 'on a mission'.
On our return, we found Allan L modifying an existing point to fit in the NE track layout to allow the L & B loco access to the building.
Paul was busy machining the point blades for Allan.

Can you get any more in Garry? yep bit of room down the left side mate!

Peter Mc's B1 having its hydraulic test

Allan at work on the new point

Fencing team at work

Fence nearly complete - looking good.

Point blades machined by Paul.

New gate now has its slam post and fencing completed.


Sunday 21st

The warm September weather is still with us, Keep it coming please! Today on-site working were, Mark and Mile looking at a club locomotive  a check valve ball had stuck. Dave M was busy on track levelling.  Rod bet me and had cut the grass, but was latter found bridge building.  Ian got, busy with sealing the top of the SM 32 track base ready for the felt to be laid. I found John Cope and Brian had made a start on fencing which I helped do for the morning Brain was busy supplying concrete for each post. Others were on-site. Chris sold some bonfire tickets.  John Copestick got steam up for a run around which I did here but not photograph.

John getting steam up Sorry no other photos taken.

Mark and Mike looking under one of the club loco. A check valve ball had stuck on it's seat.

Allan D sent this in

Another from Allan many thanks

A bit more of the SM 32 viaduct.

Dave very busy checking the track.

John giving the post a whack Brian ducking for some reason!

Brian on concrete duty again.

Three post planted all ready for the slats to be fitted.

Ian deep in thoughts If I had started the other end I be done by now.

Rod with Brian's trusty bucket 


Sunday 14th

A very warm September Sunday morning. The normal members on-site Stuart & John still busy in the carriage shed fitting new light fittings. Eric was busy with the leaf blower. Peter R was fitting a wheel to one of the many wheel barrows. Rod got on site early to cut the grass. Mark D was busy laying arches on the pillars helped by Allan and Ian. Dave O was painting the viaduct. Bet got her loco out for run after Dave O had bought the body back after a total repaint. Brain & Brian along with myself were busy laying a concrete slop up to the new floor. After dinner we had a birthday party which bought many members helping

Eric having technical trouble (the end fell off)

John & Stuart fitting new light fittings.

Brian getting busy with a hammer.

More hammering Brian we like that don't we!!

Peter and a wheel.

Rod sorting the hose pipe out CLICK

Rod working out how many rings he can make in the pipe CLICK

Mark busy putting on another arch.

Betty with her locomotive Splendid job Dave on the painting.

The finished slope.



Tuesday 9th

Even fewer members on site than last week. It must be the super weather keeping everybody at home!
Eric was hard at work mowing when the rest of the members arrived.
The depleted hort team consisted of Steve, Ron and Rodney. Stuart and John were again busy installing new carriage shed lighting, while Peter started by installing some more Pallisade uprights.
Paul and Garry started removing the fence by the steel store so that a gate could be installed. A large concrete post was removed which, with the help of Roger, finally succumbed after considerable effort - there was more underground than above! Peter and Chris joined the team, and by the end of the day, one gate post was fitted, and the gate hung on its hinges.
Brian x 2 mixed and laid more concrete, completing the pad. Mark D and Allan D were again busy on the SM32 project, joined by D Osborne, painting the arches with masonry paint.
Dave Smith brought his Stafford for a steam test, which was carried out by Colin, Peter Mc., and Neal. It finally passed its test after injector problems were solved.

SM32 team hard at work

The gray wall is what it will all look like when painted.

Paul, with a camera shy Peter working on removing existing fence panel.

D Smith's Stafford undergoing its steam test

Paul, Peter and Chris working on the gate installation

Brian C laying concrete.

Completed pad

Gate hung, awaiting slam post next week.


Sunday Freight Day 7th

The Sun was hot all day just what we need. Some club members arrived with their engines, some did not take part  in the freight day play. It made a change to see engines doing something different from pulling carriages. Garry had is pannier tank on shed along with Dave M who did not run. Len had his engine in steam on the raised track. The club Speedy was got out and ran on the ground level track. Chris had his LMS battery loco to do a bit of shunting. Allan L had his Jessie loco pulling a fair rake of wagons. Working today was Rod still grass cutting. Stuart and John on lighting duty. Peter R was in the new shed still doing shelves and hooks. Concreting to were they same as last week. Brain & Brian with Steve.   

Dave M with his engine. Garry's pannier ready to be light.


Lens engine in the back ground Speedy in the foreground.

Rod still keeping low Must be fire crackers about!!

John and Stuart on light duty.

the step Brian cast last Tuesday.

Len having a run on the raised track.

Chris with his LMS shunter.


Got a spark mister.

Garry backing up to let Allan out Then Garry back in to pick up some as well.


WHY me again lads?

We go no overalls on if we fall in was the answer.

Garry on his last run full load.


Tuesday 2nd

A fine dry day with very few members on site. Eric was already sending smoke signals to the visit when most of us arrived. The rest of the hort team were busy down in the NW corner, with Ron and Rodney 'wrong side of the hedge' doing some thinning out whilst Bill was busy trimming the top of the hedge.
John and Stuart were occupied with replacing the light fittings in the carriage shed, whilst Garry, with Dave M and Chris were completing the raised level track platform modifications.
Brian, Mark's dad, made some shuttering, mixed some concrete and cast a step in the NE corner, ably assisted by Peter.

Eric sending smoke signals to the village!!

Rodney and Ron 'wrong side of the hedge'

Bill trimming the top of the hedge

Water's p...ing out Len!

New raised level platform layout

Improved ground level raised steaming bay access

Dave still trying to get his injector to pick up at 100psi