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Sunday 26th

The clock's have gone back, and the weather has gone a little chilly. A couple of members had the engines out for a run today. Len had his speedy for Rod to have a look at, and try before you buy. John C had is Elidir out for a run around. Allan got the Hymek out as we had some visitors pop into see what was running. Working today were Brian, Dave & Brian cutting steel tube on the band saw, no idea what for. Chris was cleaning two H girders and making a dust. Rod was putting the grass back around the pillars. I myself helped Mark B in the loft, putting some good flooring down. I recommend the Panasonic HX-DC2 camera I use on site to take video-photos. Today it got the drop test from up in the loft to the floor at the bottom off the loft ladder on to quarry tiles by the loo's, refitted the battery and still works fine.

Lens Speedy on shed ready to get up steam

John C Elidir on shed getting up steam as well.

Rod has done the banking of the grass. It all looks very impressive.

Rod with Lens Speedy Possible the new owner is driving as well.

John at the water point.  Yes the camera still works!

Allan with the Hymek and some visitors.

Chris making a noise and a dust cough cough.

Rod with Brian trusty bucket. 



Sunday 19th

The sun was shining and it bought out a few extra members to see what was going on! Stuart was still busy in the carriage shed on lighting duty. Rod, Ian & Mark were very busy on the SM32 Chris and Len (new member) were getting some steel of the steel rack at Brian's request. Len then dismantled a steel shelf. Peter R along with Mike B fitted some brackets on a wall to hold the ladder Brian was busy mixing concrete for the pillars on the SM32. Dave M, Brian & myself had a chat about the new shed. I then wandered over the to SM32.

Rod and Mark thinking something's missing here. All together behind you.

Chris busy putting the steel back on the rack.

Len just starting to dismantle the steel shelf racking.

Ian Mark Rod with some extra bits.

Rod checking all up right and square.

Chris with a visitor and Brian out on route back to where they came from.

Ian and Rod deciding which one to push over.

Looking good lads. Grass ready cut behind the pillars to be banked up later on by Rod.



Sunday 12th

A very misty drive to the club grounds this morning. However it soon cleared after a short time. As we have a birthday party today. We spent sometime getting ready for the party by checking the club locomotives and rolling stock. Mark called me to help him adjust the chains on Jubilee, A very interesting job, Due to a technical problem with my friend using my camera no photo was taken of me lying down under the engine. Brian & Brian were busy clearing out the green shed. Dave & Ian were checking track radius for a new track for L & B loco. Stuart was busy bending conduit pipe for new cable lighting in the carriage shed.       

Pauls Very nice looking battery model (Note to self ask what is it)

The SM 32 been got ready for the children to have a drive.

This was done last week Track been laid.

The sun on the bridge. No more is been built this year due to the cold nights.

Looking good lad's pose one!

Pose two

Pose three.

Jack having a good run around after the birthday party had finished.



Tuesday 7th

Not much progress made on any project today due to the intermittent heavy rain, and cold conditions. Brian C and D were busy clearing out the shed in the NE corner, and consigning a large quantity of 'useful' equipment to the re-cycle bin. They were later assisted by Mark B who carried out a similar operation in the loft space.
Garry arrived with a number of pallets, and, after having the pressure gauge off his Duchess checked by Neal and Dave S, left with Peter to collect a van load of timber from one of Peter's neighbours. On his return, and after unloading, he then went off with Roger and returned with another van load of timber.
Dave Meredith arrived with his 7.25" gauge Britannia for test after work had been carried out to correct the valves.
Unfortunately, although much improved, the valves are still not correct, as the locomotive has a constant roar, and not the familiar 'puff puff'.
A beautiful locomotive nonetheless, as the photos testify. Looking forward to seeing it in full health Dave.


Sunday 5th

A chilly start to the morning, but it soon warmed up. Today we were expecting some visitors to see our club layout. So the lads were busy getting the club locomotive's out and stock. Later joined by Graham & Garry. The Hymek runs nice again with the new gears been fitted. I had a go! Working down the NE corner were Brian & Brian tiding up was to days job Sorting scrap for the next weight in, plus wood for the fire. Later Dave M started to plot a 40 foot radius on some wood to cut a big curve helped by Allan L.  Mark D and Allan were busy on the SM 32 pillar casting. Mark B was busy sorting the loft out as we need to fit flooring  up there, so some strange items were being bought down.

The new laid felt on the SM 32

A general view from the same area.

Chris and Peter sorting the club engines out ready for the visitors.

Dave and Allan with pen and paper and wood.

The tide up all the items have been stored against the new fence.

Trust me Garry and Graham some where.