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30th Sunday

A glorious Sunday morning, Sun shining like early autumn. Today Chris the new member was having his birthday party he asked a lot of the club lads to attend with their locomotives, which they did so. Chris asked me to say thank you all for the turn out and I sure he will put something in the steam ahead mag in due cause. Working else where today were Rod with Allan, Dave & Ian on the SM 32. Down on the shed project was Brian & Brian and myself. Stuart & Peter were busy doing some electrical wiring. 

Brian cutting a small bit of one of the roof beams. Stuart in yellow Dave M in the background.

Brian & Brian, you know which is which by now.

Rod had re fitted the grass turf around the pillar. Rod & Dave were about to paint the tops black.

Lens loco after a steam up and run.

The engine shed A visitor on the far left a Black 5. Garry in the middle and Steve to the right.

Sunday best welding taking place up the ladder.

The roof area so far.  Just a bit more then! ask the gaffer Brian.

Allan & Ian filling the pillar mould with concrete.


23rd Sunday

After a lot of rain. Today turned out very nice to work outside, not cold either. I found the lads very busy digging a trench for a guttering pipe across the path by the work area. Rod was found by the SM 32 ready to start painting the pillars. Allan, Mark & Ian joined Rod latter were they added the capping slab to each pillar. Myself I was up the ladder again welding. Young Chris made some coupling bars for his locomotive. I believe, Mark B was busy up in the loft area

Brian & Dave hard at it and rest assured that path is hard.


Rod looking for MY onions. Rod only gave me 4 starts as well.

Brian & Dave making a noise sorry, hole for a pipe

Brian and Dave busy drilling the concrete cast tube

Myself up the ladder again. Latter I was on the roof as well.

I can count seven ends Whoops !

Ian just out of shot with his cuppa Mark stirring it. Allan joining in. Rod in standing mode.

The capping slabs in place on the painted pillars.

Chris with his LMS battery loco.


16th Sunday

A little misty Sunday morning driving to BG today. A sure sign winters is on the way. I found Rod and Mark digging hole on the SM 32 track ready to plant more pillars. There were later joined by Allan D and Ian. Working on the new shed today were Brian & Brian, Dave and myself. They lads had got the door wall ready to be welded together which I got stuck into doing that.  John C was busy painting the boundary fence around the shed area so to blend into the surrounding area.     

Rod digging another hole. One day we will get a photo of Rod standing up.

Allan sitting down on the job

First 3 in position Allan working out the gradient we need to meet up with the other section

Chris at speed or a bad camera man more like!

Rod packing up for the day LOOK! a standing up job.

Job done, next we'll remove the arches and paint them underneath before final fixing.

Can I have a bag of sparks mister? Keeping low so not to get on the list more like!

John painting the fence green. Not all of it I was told. He is leaving the gaps see through


Tuesday 11th

A typical dull Autumn day complete with drizzle. A few people on site cleaning up the remains of Saturday's bonfire.
Mark, Allan & Ian continued to cast more bridge pieces for the sm32 project. After lunch the new shed sides were erected and fixed to the floor.

Not sure what's going on in here but looks interesting.

Paul watching paint dry!

Roger sorting through the remains of the bonfire for metal

Ron having a steam test of his loco

The new down spout on the workshop think this could be classed as a trip hazard so it needs painting yellow! (need a sign on as well)

The new shed frames after a coat of paint

Track laid along the boards towards the viaduct


Sunday 9th

A very pleasant Sunday Morning to be out in after yesterdays a somewhat wet day, Sorry very wet day. A quite tidy up morning The main tidy had nearly being finished by the time I arrived on-site. The burger man had been early to collect his van. The fire had been tided up and was smoking away happily. Bill H as having a run around on the raised track with his granddaughter at the controls. Brian & Brian with Dave were busy on the shed Later Mark asked me for a little help in the carriage shed. Allan D with his new helper Ian were casting another arch for the SM32

The morning after the day before!

Just to show what it was before someone put a match to it the night before.

Bill Hall and his granddaughter having fun.

Sorry No more today


Sunday 2nd

A very nice warn Sunday morning. Some light rain in the air but soon forgot about. The lads had been very busy last Tuesday putting up a lot of fencing ready for next Saturday's bonfire party. I asked Ian to get the generator out to  fuel it and run it up, so it's all ready for the car park lads. Rod along with Allan D were busy casting arches. Dave M and Brian were busy cutting angle for the new shed. I was asked to take my plasma cutter again to cut some steel sheet, which Chris cleaned up with the angel grinder. I then was asked to weld up the corners of the steel angle for the new shed. Chris G was kept busy selling bonfire tickets Other lads were on-site but unknown as to what they were doing.

Rod keeping his head down so he not put on the list of names! Eric standing by to make sure.

Another shed frame in the making by Dave M and Brian.

Yours truly up the ladder welding the frames together.  

Ian checking the mix is doing well.