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Sunday 25th

Tuesday 27th T  


Tuesday 27th

Only a few members on site today, following the Bank holiday. The hort team were somewhat depleted, with Eric, Ron and Grenville cutting grass, later assisted by John. Mark D and Allan D were busy making more arches for the SM32 extension, while Garry, Dave M, Dave S, Peter and Chris were busy fencing in the NE corner. They were later assisted by Allan L. Brian was busy working in the workshop whilst Mark B and Ossie were working on the high level track.
At the end of the day, the NE site is now ready for the shed to be re-located which it is hoped will be done next Tuesday.

The team at work erecting the fence.

Dave, Peter and Chris installing the vertical slats

The completed job.

Just waiting for the shed to move here!



Sunday 25th

A dull morning after a lot of rain yesterday, but not cold, John C & Peter R had Speedy out doing a steam test run to see how she would perform. I later had a drive and it bought back a lot of memories driving around on bonfire nights with Speedy and the late Barry W, Yes  I have done a few laps of the raised track in all weathers with Speedy. Mark & Allan were busy on another bridge arch. Chris was busy removing the top angle from the new fence as someone had put it up side down! I took my plasma cutter to remove a large angle iron post. I then helped Brian with the concreting. Malcolm was running on the SM 32 with his son. They later then got a ride behind Speedy.

Chris removing the fence panel so I can cut the post on the left hand side.

Post gone. Chris checking the wonky post!

Speedy being got in to steam by Peter R and John C.

Malcolm running the wrong way round the SM 32


Rod busy on guess what? We had a chat about replacing it all with astro turf!

The new bride in place. Is it getting a coat of paint?

Chris with a hammer, Sorry a  brumie spanner .

Brian with his trusty bucket, barrow, mixer.

The set up for the bridge arch with some track on it.

Mark painting the release agent on the mould only the best stuff. Morrisons cooking oil.

Brian and his first load on concrete in place.

Job done. This is to allow us to walk done the side of the shed.

Peter R and Malcolm having a ride with Speedy.

The bridge arch upside down with new fresh concrete in. 



Tuesday 20th

A very pleasant, warm day, with the risk of the odd shower, which luckily did not materialise. The hort team were again busy early, cutting the grass, whilst Garry, assisted by Mark D and Peter unloaded the first of two loads of Pallisade fencing from Garry's van.
Allan L, together with Dave M, Peter, John , Mike, Chris and Garry then set about erecting the first two bays of the fencing. By the end of the day, the uprights were concreted in, and cross beams temporarily attached.
We also had a 'royal' visitor in the form of a 7.1/4" King, brought along by Andy Walton. A superb locomotive which was a joy to see and hear running, as well as to drive.
Allan D and Mark D fitted the central span of the SM32 bridge over the waterfall.

1st load of fencing in Garry's van

Allan L doing a boring job!

Latest defector to the hort. team

Royal visitor on steaming bay

Andy Walton on first run with the King

Spectator sport now is it!

The SM32 central span in position

Fencing ready for verticals to be bolted on.


Sunday 18th

Summer's here at last' well done the weather man. Today we had a birthday party' so there was a lot to do for this like putting the marquee up and getting all the carriages out ready. Dave M got his engine ready to steam as did Mark B and  Steve W. Working today were Brian doing some concreting for the shed base. Allan, Mark with Rod checked the bridge on the SM 32 Later they removed another casting made of concrete from the mould.  

Mark just unloading.

Dave on shed all  ready to light it up.

A middle arch for the SM32 (see their section for more photos)

Rod being distracted from his job.

How it is gong to look 

Mark raising steam.

Brian busy as normal on the shed base project.

Break time at the birthday party.



Tuesday 13th

The hort team were again on site early this morning in the field next to ours shredding the branches that they had cut from the hedgerow.
Roger and Rod were again busy with the pond/waterfall development, while Dave M, and Allan D assisted by Allan L were busy levelling the track in the station throat area which was the cause of several derailments at the weekend.
Brian was busy with the preparation of the base for the carriage shed relocation. Chris and Garry, later assisted by Allan L, found the cause of the recent spate of Great Northern derailments, which was that the springing on the rear bogie had siezed, resulting in the bogie removal, complete strip down, clean, lubricate and re-build. This seems to have been successful. Dave M and Allan D found that the cause of George derailing was due to George's right hand front wheel flange going the wrong side of a point blade, thereby splitting the point. This was corrected with the assistance of John C.  Mark D completed the first viaduct arch for the SM32 extension, and Mark B was busy with Betty's diesel which was found to have stripped 4 of its gears.

Peter and John steamed Speedy to assess its capability for future birthday party use.

Eric busy with the shredder. But not in our field!!

John with Speedy.

Dave M and Dave S working on station throat track.

First viaduct arch


Monday 12th

In the true traditions of Blue Peter, 'here's one that was made earlier'!
At around 9.00am Andy Walton arrived at Balleny Green with a Milner Lynton and Barnstaple locomotive. This was easily unloaded, towed to the station, steamed and run until 12.45pm. What a lovely locomotive and a taste of pleasures to come!

Yeo just unloaded and awaiting a tow into the station for steaming.

Peter driving Jubilee with Yeo in tow.

Raising steam.

Mark on initial run.

Bill with 3 coaches and brake truck in tow.



Tuesday 6th

The grounds team were at it early again with action getting the large pile of hedge cuttings on the bonfire burnt, a priority because of the Spring Steam-up Event at the weekend.   Elsewhere, work was proceeding on the Great Northern, pool area fencing by the SM32 tracks, base for the shed in the maintenance area, workshop and track.  One last thing, thanks to Ron F for cleaning up the club house.
Thanks Eric

Have I missed bonfire day!

Bit untidily built I must say.


Sunday 4th

A wonderful sunny Sunday morning. I found today Keith an old member visiting us, he had a tour around with Dave and a good chat to the members. Ian had found the petrol strimmer and was very busy by the SM32. Eric was also  cutting grass on the tractor near the pond were Rod told me he was on his first lap this month around the pond cutting grass Mark & Allan along with Rod were discussing the placement of the new bridge over the waterfall. Chris was kept busy taking visitors around on the Hymek and later the Grate Northern. Brian and Peter joined by myself were busy removing slabs for the shed base. I then helped Dave sort a track problem out as Grate Northern kept derailing. We are not sure if it the track or the loco front bogie.  Ian sent to good photographs in how the bridge pillars will look

Eric busy after all the rain and sun or sun and rain! Sure make the grass grow which every way it is.

Ian deep in thought.

The second pillar for the bridge on SM32 Read about them on the project page

Rod helping as he will not get told off for standing on his waterfall.

Allan Mark and Rod see how it will look

Brian and Peter removing the slabs.

Last one Brian

Chris with the Hymek and full load of passengers.

Chris again with more passengers.

The track modification area.

Peter putting the line in place Good idea Brian we should have thought of that!

The waterfall with the two main span pillars somewhere in the correct place!