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Sunday 16th

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Sunday 30th

Today the clock change and what a difference in the weather warm and sunny, lets hope it the start of more. Not many lads around today, Rod told me he had been weeding and grass cutting around the pond, I did not go to check this out for you sorry. Mark D asked if I had bought the bit for jubilee brakes. So Mark made a start on that while I did a quick job for myself on the surface grinder. Later Derek arrived to do some more checking of the L&B frames. Brian was very late and asked what was the state of play on the vertical milling head. Allan was found to be playing with his Jessie locomotive as I was about to leave

Two guide bars been ground on the surface grinder.

Mark removing the old leaking air cylinder for the tender brakes.

Bag of sparks mister Yours truly welding a bit for the new brake air cylinder.

Mark B, Brian & Derek looking at the milling head.

The new / very old stock air cylinder been held in place to check the length 

Allan with his Jessie out for a Sunday run around.



Sunday 23rd

Not much of  spring like morning! more of a chill in the air with rain and hail and then there is the bad cough caused by the local farmer. Just think of all the good food from it. Bob was having a boiler test done by Neal & Dave Smith. Working down the north east corner were Chris on the lathe facing off the last wheel after we hade set it up for him. Chris is on a long slow learning curve and doing OK. Dave M was taking the miller vertical head apart to find the cause of the oil leak, Later joined by Brian and Peter R. I missed Stuart and John working out side installing some conduit pipe for electrical cables.  

The vertical head spindle on the left, the main casting head on the right.


Peter R finding some new bolts to put it all back on the miller.

Chris just about to start the first pass across the face of the last wheel.

Bob in the chilly weather (cough cough) getting up steam for his boiler test on his Speedy locomotive.


Tuesday 18th

The - Eric, Rodney, Ron, Grenville, Bill and Steve W -  were already hard at work before 9.00am today, making the most of the dry weather, as showers were forecast for later in the day.

Dave M initially assisted Garry drilling out the supporting pillars fitted to the new dummy sideframes on Great Northern, so that new ones could be fitted which would allow the frame to be removed without having to remove the bogie from the locomotive. Mark B then assisted, and Garry and Mark then set about re-fitting the bogies and piping them up. The brakes worked satisfactorily, but several air leaks resulted in the decision being made to replace the existing push-in fittings, hopefully next Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Roger and Rod were again busy in the pool area, Allan D and Mark D were busy with equipment for the SM32 extension, and Brian was sorting out the scrap metal and generally tidying up.

Allan L spent the day with Chris machining the driving wheels for the L & B loco.

Dave M has found the axleboxes for the loco to be out of square, and the bores tapered. Mike B has taken them off site for correction.

Sorry for the lack of photos, but Garry's camera suffered a terminal failure after just 2 pictures. No, he did not drop it!! Thumped it a few times, but to no avail!!

Hopefully it will be replaced by next week

The lad busy cutting the hedge.

Another bit for the bonfire.





Sunday 16th

A very pleasant Sunday morning. I found that the lads were having a long discussion about the L & B locomotive in the club house when I arrived on site. On walking down the carriage shed I found Mark D & Chris checking brakes on the carriages. This is were we spent the morning ! Mark B got the Hymek out to give some visitors a ride around. Colin had is new battery locomotive out testing. John Cope was busy getting in to steam with his traction engine for a steam test, as was Allan D with his Jessie. Later the lads came down to see what we were doing and had a chat about new a track in to the building for the L & B

The lads deep in discussion about the L & B locomotive.

Our tidy mess checking the brakes on the carriages.

Mark B giving a ride to some visitors.

Colin on his new battery locomotive.

Allan on route with the visitor after his steam test.

John Cope getting steam up on his 2" traction engine.

Build by the late Walter Late freelance.

John coming on to the station platform! for his steam test which was been done by Neal and Peter Mc as I left.



Sunday 9th

Spring has come ! well it was very warm sunny day just what the doctor ordered. I found Ron had his Jessie on shed for a hydraulic test, helping were Bob Len and Neal the boiler tester. Also just unloading was John C with his 5 " loco. I joined Bill in the signal box to try to get a WIFI repeater to work which we did not. Rod was doing some weeding around the pond. Working on the miller were Dave and Peter R doing the axle boxes. Allan popped in to give Chris Greene a small lesson on what to do on the lathe, This where I joined in helping Chris as Allan had to go. Peter Mc used the sand blaster. Late Mark got the club Speedy out for a run. Ian was busy on the SM 32 track doing some fence work.

Eric took a few photos before I arrived on site

Ron with his Jessie.

Neal checking to what he can find wrong!

Ron's Jessie Locomotive.

John C out standing in the sunshine

Johns Achilles locomotive just arrived

Dave setting a axle box up on the miller.

Turned out nice Rod. Do you want a glass of water or a jug?

John in steam.

Chris facing of the first wheel They have al been rough turned.

Peter Mc using the sand blaster to clean up some of his own parts.

The 2nd wheel first cut facing it to width.

Mark D had the club Speedy out for a run.

Ian was busy putting up his wooden fence on the SM32

Looking good Ian



Tuesday 4th

Eric and the hort team had an early start today, with the fire lit, and mowers working before most of the members arrived.  It was a pleasant, sunny morning, almost Springlike!
Rod was occupied with more planting around the waterfall area, whilst Roger was busy with his wooden jetty.
Garry, assisted by John, Bill and Mike Bentley, were busy clearing out the area once occupied by the oil bath. Once cleared, the plastic fencing was tidied up and re-stacked, and all the metal posts re-located alongside them. When finished, the whole area showed a great improvement.
Garry then loaded his van with all the redundant plastic materials, including the bath and its contents, for transport to the tip on Wednesday.
Derek arrived with a 6 wheel bogie for the L & B locomotive chassis to be built on, and spent the rest of his time measuring the chassis to enable him to update his drawings of the bodywork.
Dave M, with Peter in attendance, was busy on the milling machine, machining the front bogie axleboxes, which were later re-fitted by Mike Brophy. Allan L was busy working on a driving wheel in the lathe, 'assisted' by Chris, Dave S, Colin, and anyone else who could get a look-in!

Bill and John hard at work moving the fence posts.

Allan L turning the first L & B driving wheel.

I'm sure it landed here!

Inaugural meeting of the SCMES Fishing and Ornithology Club

Garry's van fully laden with c..p!

Result of Bill, John, Mike & Garry's work



Sunday 2nd

A damp and even raining at time today but not cold so that was a good thing. Bob had his engine out as it was steam up Sunday. He was the only one having a ride about. There were a few visitors with club members but no club stock was got out. Working on the L&B was Allan & Len on the lathe and Dave M with Peter R on the miller all very busy. It was nice to see this type of work been done at last. OK they are correcting problems they have found, Like wheel six off wrong OD, width, tread profile totally wrong. Dave was sorting out some miss alignment on the pony axle boxes using the miller. Brian and myself got on well with the third and last trolley yippee. Chris keep Allan busy starting and stopping the lathe, team work. John C was at one time in the wooden shed sorting it out

Len busy turning a lump of steel to hold the wheels on

Dave setting up the dividing head to mill the axles boxes

Bob after his run coming back on to shed.

The lump having the back face turned. Then the boss to put the wheel on.

Dave and Peter checking a axle box before the milling of the top and bottom faces.

 They turn the job by 180 degs and mill again.

The third trolley been checked.

Not a good photo the axle box been machined with a tipped tool.