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Sunday 29th

Today was on the calendar as a driving competition, but as only one club member entered. It was cancelled. On-site working were the normal team. I found Len having a steam up on the raised track, but not for long as he went, home. Rod was, grass cutting around the pond. Rondey fitted an insect box to a tree, then helped with the fencing. Already working well on the fence was Chris and Peter, later joined by John C. I got the job of welding up a long angle for the fence helped by Brian as a post could not be planted in the correct place. Allan and Mark along with Rod chatted a bout the SM 32 next column placement. As I left Allan was getting a mould ready for concrete.

Rod trimming the pool edge and a Inspector

Rodney preparing his Insect House to install.

Got ya Rondey.

Rodney's Insect House

Rod trying his hand at fish ticking

The viaduct so far.

Chris busy at work as others poses

The top or bottom angle ready to be welding in to one length.

Chris and John fitting the angle.

Allan on the next casting set up.



Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th

An early start once again for Eric and the hort. team who were busy in the NE corner area felling a tree and sapling in the adjacent field which impeded the line of our new fence.  Garry arrived with the second load of fencing which was swiftly unloaded by Dave M,  and Allan D. On transportation to the NE corner, they were joined by Ron and Allan L who helped with the unloading.

Meanwhile, Mike and Tony were busy installing a ramp up to the re-located carriage shed, Chris and Peter were completing the fencing, Brian was installing more fence posts and Ron and Rodney were busy with Eric moving the tree cuttings.

Dave M, with Garry and Allan L worked on improvements to the carriage lift unload area whilst Allan D and Mark D were busy casting more arches, and installing the 'V' arch for  the merge area of the SM32 railway.

Unloading Pallisade fence bars

Eric and Co tree felling

Dave M removing the first lifting flap on the carriage lift

work progressing on fence and shed ramp

first slab of shed ramp being laid

Rodney and Eric with a few of the tree cuttings

Fence at the end of work

Lifting flaps now replaced on carriage lift

SM32 viaduct progress. OK so the one column has the Pisa effect - IT'S NOT FIXED!!


Sunday 22nd

Summer is defiantly with us. This made working slow today. Brain was working on the miller so, I gave him a hand till we could do no more. Rod and another Brian came to me and asked if I was ready to get the stock out for this afternoon's birthday party so that was the next job. Dave and Brian started to plant fence posts helped by Chris for a short time. Len and Peter pruned a tree as it was causing trouble.

Dave with one of many holes needed.

Len removing a branch.

The lads putting up the marquee for the birthday party as it was booked to be used.



Sunday 15th

A pleasant sunny Sunday morning. I found John C had his engine on shed, getting up steam for a test run as he is running next weekend. Len had his Speedy running. Jack got the Hymek out. The Marquee was taken down by the lads. Rod was  seconded onto the SM 32! John C and Peter R were busy in the shed putting up a light. Dave started to tidy up the new area for concrete. Brian and myself fitted the second DRP to the miller.   

John getting steam up

Len checking his engine.

John just about to come over the level crossing.

Dave's handy work, making a start on the area.

Two men in s shed!

Rod has been promoted or demoted, I am not sure answer's to scmes editor.  




AGM 14th Saturday

Today was our AGM I arrived on-site to latter than normal to find not much going on, latter Chris and myself got the Hymek and Great Northern out so any member could have drive, or be taken for a ride. The ONLY steam engine running all day was, Bob with his Speedy. Allan got Jack's Class 20 out for Jack to run around with. Much later Dave O bought with his L M S 1000 Members arrived at around 4 -30 pm for the AGM meeting at 5 pm. Then some member's stopped for the BBQ and cuppa

Bob with his Speedy

The club engine all ready

Hazel and Cath checking the SM 32

Jack on the LMS 1000

A new member on Great Northern with Chris

Hazel  BBQ the kids!

Some of the Ladies with a well earned cuppa.




Tuesday 10th

A warm, dry morning with a forecast of rain after lunchtime. Eric was busy mowing, Steve strimming and Grenville busy weed killing. Bill and the rest of the team were in the adjacent field completing the shredding of the foliage they had removed last week. Allan D and Mark D were busy casting another arch for the SM32 viaduct and then trial fitted the first one. It looks superb! Peter, with assistance, was busy replacing the rotten bottom board on the re-sited shed. Simon, a new member, emptied the coal bunker, and then with the assistance of Garry and Mark B turned it through 90 degrees and pushed it back under the footbridge. Simon and Mark B then riddled the coal and put it back into the bunker. Dave M and Garry started removing the ballast around the track adjacent to the diamond crossings by the signal box, and Allan L welded new steel straps in place which would then be screwed to new plastic sleepers. As the rain had not appeared, it was decided to complete the job, so, with the added assistance of John, Mike, Derek and Dave S, the job was completed by 14.30.

Ossie and Paul hiding their work!

Simon cleaning out the coal bunker.

Work progressing on replacing sleepers.

Altogether now – PUSH!!

Preparing the track bed.

Relocated coal bunker.

Track panels being re-connected.

First arch of viaduct provisionally installed.

Completed track job.



Sunday 8th

A very nice summer Sunday morning, not many lads on site today. Dave B was having a steam test done by Peter Mc. Rod was busy grass cutting again. Stuart and John were busy fitting a power cable to the recently moved shed for lighting inside. Brian and myself with Chris were fitting the miller with digital readout scales.

Dave with Peter having his sweet pea steam tested.

Rod busy in thoughts as to why again, there was no dads army on last night!

SM 32 bridge getting longer by the week.

Just as good the other side.

Stuart asking John for a different coloured pliers.

Peter measuring the angle for the new barged boards the old fashion way, two bits of wood and a screw.

The sweet peas past it's test. Chris Basset  had a good run around afterwards.



Tuesday 3rd

A good turn out of members today on what was a dry, warm overcast day. Eric and some of the hort. team were busy mowing, while the rest were with Bill in the adjacent field cutting more vegetation  and shredding the remains. Garry with Dave M started moving the shed, and were soon joined by others – at one time there were in excess of 10 members helping which ensured that the job was completed quickly.  By lunchtime, the shed was not only taken down, but re-erected in its new location. Dave M and Allan D then set about sweeping and generally tidying the steaming bay area while the remainder of the ‘crew’ finished off the roofing and electrical supply to the re-sited shed.  In all, a good days work.

Now you see it!

Yes still there.

The floor panel being transported to its new location.

Now you don’t!!

Look better already lads.

A very busy morning with a good turn out

The shed in its new location.

Looks like it been there for age's.



Sunday 1st

Today we had the Erewash Valley Society visit Little Hay They come every year and this year their looks more locomotives running around the track plus they even ran on the SM32. They also bought, the sun with them. I have taken a lot of photographs, whoops!

Jack with his Class 20?