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Tuesday 29th

A pleasant day at the club with plenty going on Brian & Paul continued to work on the High level track changing bolts, earlier Chris had cleaned the track ready for the 2 1/2 rally this Sunday.
Alan & Alan were casting another pillar and arch section for the sm32 before coating the boards for the back of the pond with resin assisted now by Mark & Mark making a complete double act!
In the North East Corner work continued on the old carriage shed getting it ready for its new role.
The fencing department had now moved onto digging out ready for a concrete pad which needs to be laid for storage of the marquee trailer to free up space for the tractors ( it will all make sense in the end!) After lunch John ran his 5 inch Polly testing a few repairs & modification he had done.

The grounds team were busy cutting hedging.  They cut back the whole of the ‘goat’ hedge from the road side hedge corner to the old oak tree by the maintenance store.

They also burnt the dried out pile of hedge cuttings, and it having burnt out, there is now a new high pile of cuttings to burn from today’s work.

Many Thanks to Mark D for to days WHY

Dave & Mike hard at it working on the area for the concrete slab

Dave setting the level.

John back on the steaming bay.

John testing his loco out after doing a few modifications.

the boards for down the side of the pond after being coated with resin.

the boards will go along these poles the bags are stop rain going down the hole as we found one full of water!



Sunday 27th

The sun is still out and very warm as it was on my holiday. On-site were many members today getting ready for a birthday party this afternoon. Bob was having a run on Lens engine around the raised track. Ian was, grass cutting under the SM 32. Rod has a new toy to get the grass out the pond  we would call it a fishing net! Peter was helping Brian put up the last bit of fencing, I joined them. Then Peter put did some more work in the shed which had been moved. Brian and myself then fitted the vertical scale on the milled for the DRO, not much more to do before the commissioning of it all.

Bob with Len having a chat after a run around.

Dave in the distance Ian hard at it.

The photographer chatting to Rod. (about dads army I recall)

The bridge so far. You can see the Y junction

The lads have started on the poles to get the track down the side of the pond.

Brian hard at work.

The black five ready for the birthday party.



Fish Chip Supper 14th Tuesday Evening.

A good turn out of members and their partners for this event on a warm, sunny evening.
John steamed Speedy and the Hymek was available for those who wanted to drive. A pleasant evening for all, and thanks to the kitchen staff for all their hard work.


Tuesday 8th

Eric had already lit the fire before most of us arrived this morning. The rest of the hort. team were again mowing, and then set about installing the temporary fencing for the Garden Party on Sunday.
Peter, later assisted by Chris, was busy installing the first of the fence panels behind the green shed with the tie bars running parallel to the ground. Looks much better Brian!!
Rodney was busy moving all the hand tools from the main building into the shed, while Roger was working on the waterfall. Mark D and Allan D were busy casting more arches for the SM32 layout, and Dave M, Garry and Paul G made a start on moving the raised level carriage rack. They were later assisted by Allan L and Mike B.

Latest fence panel behind the green shed.

Rodney at work on fittings for the tool store.

Facing the wrong way Allan!!

Brian and Mike mixing concrete for the next fence post.

Dave M on his knees again fixing the raised level carriage.

Relocated raised level carriage rack.



Sunday 6th Wolverhampton society visit.

Today we have the Wolverhampton society visiting the club. The sun shining bought a good display of engines, or was it the bacon baps! Rod was busy hedge trimming, follow by Allan and Dave M grass cutting around the SM 32 ready for the Garden Party next week. Brian & Peter were busy on the fencing job.

A very nice14XX in 7 1/4" scale.

Another very nice  7 /14" loco.

One of the carriages.

The 14XX on route

The Viaduct is getting longer by the week. They are stopping here and starting the wooden tops from the steaming area next.

A very nice Sweet William. (7 1/4" sweet pea)




Wednesday 2nd


Several members took up the invitation of Echills Wood Railway to visit their railway on Wednesday 2nd July. It was a warm, partly cloudy day.

Steve Wilkin was the only member to take a locomotive, and, assisted by Garry, soon got it into steam. After the mandatory bacon butty, the two set off round the circuit.

There followed many circuits, with Steve' confidence and smile growing with every circuit.

It was a great day and a pleasure to share it with such a friendly, helpful group of people. We can hardly wait until Standard Gauge Weekend when some of us hope to do it all again.

Our thanks to all at Echills Wood Railway for their hospitality.

The following photos were taken by Rodney and Garry. Sorry No captions.



Tuesday 1st

Not too much to see for the member's efforts today, as the jobs were mostly finishing off jobs already reported, or minor jobs which took some time with little to show for the time spent.

The hort. team were busy mowing and strimming and clearing some hedge trimmings. Peter was busy in the NE corner with the fencing behind the green shed, Roger was working on the waterfall preparing to re-secure two rocks that have worked loose, Dave M and Allan L were busy adjusting the new tracks at the exit of the carriage lift, and were later joined by Colin.

Rodney secured extended sides to the trailer to enable its capacity for hedge trimmings to be increased. These were then removed and will be fitted when required.

Garry had a hydraulic test carried out on his 7.25" gauge 5700 Pannier tank by Dave S, and then assisted by Chris, re-fitted the fire extinguisher and blanket to a canopy support column.

Garry's 5700 Pannier after its hydraulic test.

Rodney fitting extended sides to the trailer.

Re- fitted fire extinguisher and blanket