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19th Sunday

21st Tuesday



Happy New Year To You All.

Tuesday 21st

Quite a lot was achieved today despite the cold, but bright conditions.

Allan D and Dave M started on cutting plastic sleepers for the next two points to be re-sleepered at the exit to the station, while Allan L and Garry worked on Great Northern as a result of some derailments last weekend. The cause was found to be that the wheels had literally 'fallen off'!  Grub screws acting as both key and retiner had worked out, causing the wheels to move laterally on the axles.

This was rectified, but a problem with the brake system then manifested itself, and despite Mark Bradley, Garry and Allan's best efforts, the problem remains for further investigation next week. Peter, John C and Mike Bentley were busy erecting a shelf in the new carriage shed for the SM32 equipment. Allan D and Dave M continued by having steel cross ties welded to the straight track between the next two points to be re-sleepered. The hort. team were on sight and did some 200 yds of cutting back/trimming of the laurel hedges round the south west corner whilst the tree surgeons were on site.

Tree surgeons at work

Allan D cutting plastic sleepers

John and Peter working on the SM32 shelf

Steel straps being welded in place

Finished SM32 shelf


Sunday 19th

The sun was shining but there was a chill  in the air if you stood about. Rod was busy spreading little stones on the rockery by the pond to keep weeds at bay. Mark B had the lawn mowers out, one is not charging the battery, so he check the other one as well. Brian was busy doing an oil change on the miller. Then we fitted a buffer stop to the Britannia trolley, I welded it on for him. Dave M and Allan D were busy checking sleepers and track workings for Tuesday working party They are taking out the last two point by the green shed and doing as last week.   

The new work mans hut on the SM32

Rod spreading his little stones to stop the weeds !

The SCMES mower convention all welcome any make or model.

The buffer stop welded on the trolley.


Tuesday 14th

Dave M and Garry had agreed on Monday to make a start on re-ballasting the first two points in the station throat towards the tunnel, and so, assisted by Allan D made an early start on what was a chilly, but dry and bright day. They were joined during the day by others including Paul, Mark B, Mark D, Dave S, Mike Bentley. The job went well and exceeded both Garry and Dave M's expectations by being complete, except for a little more ballast infill, by the end of the day.

The hort team were hampered by the damp conditions and the fact that the field is extremely wet and chewed up, and so could only collect leaves. It was nice to see Steve Wilkin back. Allan L spent his day in the NE corner working on Jubilee's throttle control, which had become extremely stiff in operation due to the engine etc. being raised slightly having had anti vibration mounts fitted. He was assisted by Colin D. Brian, assisted by Chris, continued his work on the milling machine. In all, a productive day.

The points before work started

Dave M and Allan D removing track fixing bolts

The Hort. team at work.

Track bed preparation

Fitting steps for the birds to climb? Actually fitting a numbered disc to the tree for identification purposes.

Attaching new plastic sleepers to one of the points

Allan L and Colin D working on Jubilee

Job almost complete


Sunday 12th

A frosty morning to start with. On site working was Rod sweeping up leaves by the pond.  John C. was busy in the green shed. Brain and Chris were working on the miller making a part for the trolley. Mark B & Mark D did some work in the carriage shed Later Mark D & Allan were fitting a point motor to the SM 32 track. In the club house were Neal & Peter with Mike B with Len and new member sorting some problems on there 5" Speedy

Rod sawing making some new fence posts.

Mark D & Mark B doing a bit in the carriage shed.

John C in the green shed out the cold.

Rod removing the leaves of a slippery path.

Allan D & Mark D sorting out the bank ready for the new point motor to be fitted.


The point motor is going very close to Allan's right hand on the track.


Tuesday 7th

Despite the very wet ground conditions, several members turned up, and some work was carried out. The hort team unable to do were much, other than the odd bit of tidying up. Allan L, assisted by Garry, Dave S and Mike Brophy, removed the ram from the loco unload lift and stripped it down in the NE corner workshop. All the seals were found to be well past their expiry date. A new set is to be sourced, hopefully for next Tuesday. Dave M and Allan D spent their time cutting plastic sleepers to length for the two points leading from platforms 1 & 2 prior to lifting them in the next few weeks for relaying. New steel ‘sleepers’ were welded in place by Allan L for attachment of the plastic sleepers.

Brian continued with his clearing up operation, and Mike Bentley, assisted by John Cope, removed a sapling which had grown too close to the overhead power lines for comfort. Mark Dale and Allan D did some work on a point motor for the SM32 layout, and Mark B was busy fitting a meter to Jubilee.

Allan working on removing lift ram.

New sleepers cut to length for future installation.

New meter fitted to Jubilee – to right of throttle lever.

Speedy’s chassis awaiting new guide bar supports.

Mike Brophy working on the lift ram.

Britannia awaiting restraint blocks prior to moving to its new ‘home’


Sunday 5th

A chilly damp morning, but it bought out a club members for a cuppa or two! Rod checked the fish had been feed in the pond. Dave M and Len opened the north east corner to check speedy. Mark B got Jubilee out to fit an amp meter. I helped Mark drill the large hole. Brain & Mark D got the Britannia out the club house to put on you guessed it the newly painted trolley. Then  Mark D Mark B and Allan D were busy on fitting some electrical box to the SM32 for a point motor to be fitted. They required some welding to be done, but took three of them to drill some holes in a plastic box! Brian was busy sorting out a fixing plate on the new trolley. Peter Mc came to check some dimensions on speedy. All in all a good morning if you got out the kitchen/ clubhouse.

Mark about to start on drilling a large hole.

Mark & Allan sorting some cable out before the drizzle came.