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Sunday 23rd

A pleasant Sunday morning, not cold or windy, spring is coming for sure. Dave M & Mark D were back on the speedy fitting water pipes. Later Joined by Allan D, Mike B, Allan L they started to look in to the L & B loco there was a lot of tea drinking and chatting after Dave M had found a problem on the drawing to do the axles! In the mean time Brian, Mark D and myself put the air compressor back up on the wall bracket, because the lads had fitted the new electric motor last Tuesday. I fitted the air pipes and made sure it was pumping air again. Outside Mark B was busy forging steel in a little furnace we asked what it was doing!

 I was then asked by  Brian to make a start welding the Speedy you guessed it trolley watched by Mark B with his mask. Mark then asked to had a good for the first time mig welding. Rod was busy spreading little stones about, he said he nearly finished that. It looks very good I must say. I Thank Eric for the most of today photos I did take 2. Eric did some oiling on the lawn tractor and steering then took his photos. 

Great Northern Bogie Dummy Side frames

Another view of Great Northern Bogie Dummy Side frames.

Today's competition count the cups of tea.

Rod busy as normal doing a wonderful job The new bridge is going about here by his left foot.

Marks Temporary Furnace. Cooking On Gas!

What are they for ! his own motor home ! not a club job. Typical get something different happening.


Tuesday 18th

The weather was much improved today from last week. Most of the members on site today were busy on various projects - Ron was clearing barrowfulls of ash from the bonfire, whilst other members of the hort team were busy tidying up and collecting twigs that had blown from the trees. Roger and Rod were busy with pool/waterfall matters, while Dave M was busy fitting the final pieces to Speedy.

John and Stuart fitted the replacement 3 phase motor to the compressor. Garry was busy photographing the 3 small sit-in carriages for possible future sale, subject to Board approval, and then, with the help of Chris, emptied the oil bath and collected numerous redundant plastic containers for future transport to the tip. Mark, Eric & Mike were working on the mower cutter assembly and checking the drive belts. The cutter blades were sharpened by Ron using a grinder, the housing cleaned and then re-installed by the aforementioned.

 Mark D completed the painting of Speedy which is now complete and ready for steaming. Allan L, Dave M, Mike and Colin then proceeded to set up an axle for the L & B loco project in the lathe. Derek Payne was also on site fitting the dummy sideframes to the Great Northern bogies.

Dave Osborne arrived with one of the abutment sections to the bridge shown last week for the SM32 railway. The complete assembly will look superb.

Derek fitting the sideframes to a Great Northern bogie

The completed job. Looks good!

Speedy complete and resplendant with a new coat of paint

This months caption competition! Answers on a postcard!!

Dave Osborne's bridge with the club loco and coach.




Sunday 16th

Looking more like a spring morning than the wet days we have been having, dry all around as well. I found today that Ron had his first engine on site a Jessie looking very impressive for a first one. JC was getting his engine in to steam to try a new water pump on his truck. Rodney was busy collecting leaves around the site. Peter R & John  C were cleaning the gutters. Working on Speedy was Dave and Mike later joined by Mark D also showing an interest was Peter Mc & Allan D.  Myself and Chris made a start on tidying up some shelves to put the parts for the new club Lynton and Barnstaple later Brian joined in the job. Later Allan L back from hols decided to remove the air compressor of the wall in to the truck helped by Brian and myself Allan then moved a wall fixing while Mike and myself removed the electric motor ready for the lads on Tuesday can do some work on it all.

Ron's new Jessie locomotive.

John getting up steam on the raised track.

Speedy getting close to been run again. They were fitting the cab.

Rodney on the tunnel top collecting leaves.

John truck with a electric water pump. He made one for his 7 1/4 truck and found it very use full when standing.

Rodney found some more leaves.



Tuesday 11th


Atrocious weather conditions greeted what few brave soles who arrived at Balleny Green today. The rain was lashing down on the already waterlogged ground. Garry arrived with the Lynton and Barnstaple locomotive frames etc. which he had been carrying around for 12 days!

He managed to circumnavigate the copse, but only just, as traction was a great problem.  However, he finally got to the traction engine road, and safety.

Dave M and Allan D had already sorted out a method of unloading the frames which we estimate to weigh in excess of 500Kg. Following a snowstorm, the weather improved at around 11-30 so the 'team', now strengthend by the arrival of Mark D and B, and John, started to unload. This was effected by assembling a steel plate on top of one of the sit-in carriages and pushing the carriage onto the unload lift.

Garry, Dave M, Allan D and John, laid grass grids, timber and old doors to form a road for Garry to drive on and back up to the unload point. A sling was attached between the loco frames and the tractor, and the assembly was then slowly towed off the van and onto the waiting carriage. Once on, the assembly was pushed down to the NE corner carriage shed.

David Osborne arrived with a superb aluminium bridge for the SM32 railway. Mark B continued his work on the tractors.


One of the wettest days for ???  with the whole site like a bog and pools of water lying in the hydraulic unloading/loading lift, another by the SM32 track, in the drive car parking area and ending in a snow storm just before lunch but a nice afternoon with the sun shinning. 

The frames and other components in the back of Garry's van

Many hands make light work.

Unloading the bags of bits for the engine.

Don't get to close you might have to do something!

That looked easy lads!

Now What ! Cuppa?

No we will move it lads!

Dave Osborne with the girder bridge for the SM32 railway

Dave's girder bridge in situ over the waterfall.

Garry's van tracks in the sodden grass


Sunday 9th

A chilly morning with a little shower of rain at one point. Worth keeping out the wind as it was cold when it blew hard. Dave M and Mike B were busy putting a few bits back on the club Speedy. Rod ! not sure he was about around the pond but have no idea what he was doing today. Brian was late ! not well, dentist! say no more. Mark B & John Cope was up on the canopy roof cleaning the gutter at on point. Later Mark started back on his lawn mower trying to fit an one of the yellow seat. I gave Mark a help by cutting some steel and drilling some holes for bolts to be fitted.

Mark with a yellow seat removing the old fixing part.

The club Speedy getting better looking by the day. I have spent many a hour driving this in all weathers!


TuesdEricay 4th


Hort took advantage of the break in the rain and with the aid of cardboard boxes and half a gallon of diesel got the bonfire going as you can see in the photo, half way through getting rid of the all the rubbish and the great pile of laurel leaves.  Rodney cleared the copses of all the bits of debris brought down by the high winds and that got burnt as well.  A good mornings work by the team.

Roger, with help from John W, tried out a new landing stage for the pool which will be installed after further work on the path alongside the pool has been completed.  Allan D and Peter R continued work on the track and point-work leading from the station -- long overdue but looking very good and Chris and Mark busied themselves in the maintenance store.


Eric was busy with his fire when most of the members arrived on a cool, showery, day.  Allan D with Paul and Peter were busy removing the section of track between the point that has been re-sleepered and the next one to be done. During the day, this was completed.

Dave M was busy, with Mike Brophy, assembling the steam pipes in the smoke box of Speedy, whilst Roger was occupied building a jetty for the pool. Garry brought in new seal kits for the brake cylinders on Great Northern which he fitted with the help of Bill and Chris. The bogies are now ready to be re-united with the locomotive.

Ron keeping a eye on the fire. What fire cough cough?

Allan Paul And Peter assessing the job.

Rodger assembling the jetty.

Dave and Mike working on Speedy.

Chris refitting a brake cylinder to one of Great Northern's bogies.

Allan's job complete awaiting ballasting.



Sunday 2nd

The sun was shining and a few of us thought it was going to be chilly /cold. We where wrong, a very pleasant morning to be outside. Rod had Brian's buckets playing with by the pond John Cope was busying and doing a bit of work on the signal box window helped by Peter R. Chris got the Hymek out to give some rides to club members visiting with  their grand children. Chris later did some work on Great Northern they have found a problem with the brake cylinders air leak. Brian was busy on a few jobs! But the main one was finishing off the trolley for the Britannia. Mark had the mower out sorting the charging problem which he has fixed. Mike B, Dave M and latter Mark D were looking at putting the club Speedy back together  Len had his Speedy running on air next to the club Speedy.

Lens Speedy unpainted under construction, the club speedy in the back ground.

The new bronze valve guides made by Peter Mc all fitted on speedy.

Chris on route with his passengers.

Rod with Brian's trusty buckets. We did not tell Brian.

Mark fitting a new voltage regulator to one of the mowers well tractor as it has no cutter fitted.


Chris with a new driver.

Chris getting ready for the off with another driver.

Chris must be having a tea brake!