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16th Tuesday   T




Boxing Day Morning Steam Up

Boxing day morning steam up was very chilly morning. Steve W was the only one who bought his engine to have a run. Roger A got the Hymek out so we could give rides to the few visitors that arrived. There were about 10-12 members  braving the cold, and about the same in visitors if not more.

Steve W

Roger and his son.

Steve W after a run around in the cold.

A truck full leaving the station with Steve.



Tuesday 16th

A nice bright day, the Hort team where busy on the hedge by the crossing.
Mark B arrived and disappeared into the loft to continue the floor boarding.
Down in the workshop Dave, Paul & Allan were checking the L&B frames against the drawings. Peter & Brian repaired the end of one of the coaches which had broke.
Allan & Mark D continued casting more parts for the viaduct, then painted the in stock pillars.
Later the cladding for the new shed arrived.

Brian measuring the L&B

Grenville is in there somewhere!

The cladding for the new shed ready to be moved down the bottom

 Peter & Brian repairing the coach

The damaged end

Allan painting the pillars

It's that time of year our soup chef Ron in action

The first cladding sheet being fixed both Brian's are in the picture being supported by Bill & Allan


Tuesday 9th

I have a new apprentice Mark doing the Tuesday W H Y page as you can see the lads were busy  caught by Marks camera But we can only guess as to what they/others got up to.  Thanks Mark

Mark & Allan fixed the fence alongside the pond.

The finished article.

Looking towards the viaduct

The bit in the 'V' was interesting to fit.

Down in the workshop The two Brian's where making plates to strengthen the beam which is to go across the wall.

 'The hammer was for some minor adjustment'

All bolted up ready for a certain person to weld! I got a month off mate!


Sunday 7th

After a short shower of rain and hail the morning became very pleasant. Working today was Ian Allan Mark & Rod on the SM 32 sorting a problem with the fence and a new locomotive that hit it. Brian Brian, Dave Len and I were working in the new shed Len was busy painting the frame work of the new shed until the rain came. I finished the welding on the roof. Brian was very busy sealing the one shed wall to the floor. Dave was doing a bit of turning on the lathe. Brian was busy fixing a plastic curtain up on the main door later helped by myself. The club house was full at one point all just chatting and drinking tea and I think testing a boiler on the kitchen work top again.

The viaduct after some painting by the lads.

Ian busy modifying the fence wider to get a locomotive to run around.

Brian sealing the bottom of the shed wall to the cast concrete wall. No I am not up the ladder!

Brian sealing the angle steel to the brick wall.

Mr Robin, we have a few that follow us about.

Whoops typed to soon. Fitting a thick plastic curtain to keep the cold out


Tuesday 2nd

Received a few photos from Eric before he had to leave early His team were left working very hard and made a terrific job on his return later after lunch.

The team Grenville, Bill Ron, Steve, Rodney hard at it.

I think they think Eric's left.

Looks like a good job lads. Recall a strange smell cutting that hedge.


Just hope the heavy snow will not burst it open on the top.