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Sunday 31st



Sunday 31st

Last day of August and the Sun is shinning again today. It bought out a few members and their locomotives as bank holiday Monday was a washout here. Len was having a steam test, John C got steam up and had a run around on the high level track. Dave M tested his class 43xx GWR Rod had his engine on shed.  Eric & Chris got the Hymek out as we had few passengers to give rides too. Stuart and John were busy putting some light on the subject in the carriage shed. I found myself mixing concrete yet again along with Brian & Brian, later joined by Colin and Mike B. 

Len getting steam up Neal resting to the right.

John Copestick putting some water in the boiler.

Rod keeping his head down in case of low flying pigeons!!

Brian after a mix has been done.

Eric and the Hymek giving a ride to some visitors Chris doing the guards job.

Len and John with their locos.

Getting full tea time I recall.

Brian racking the concrete

Brian trying his hand at taking a photo. Myself walking the plank.

Mike and Stuart with John inside sorting the light out.

Brian just checking if more is needed to finish the other side.



Tuesday 26th

After the deluge on Bank Holiday Monday, today was dry, and warmer.

Very few members on site today, but most of those there were busy on various jobs:

Eric, with a very depleted hort. team, was busy with Rodney carrying out some 'heavy pruning' - their words not mine! - while Grenvillle was in weed killing mode.

Ossie, assisted by Mark B was once again busy on the raised level track signalling.

Mark D and Allan D were again working on the SM32 system, with Allan casting more arches. Apparently, when the arches are complete, Allan is moving into the garden gnome/animal market, so any suggestions as to what you would like him to produce would be welcome! Keep it clean please!!

Brian C and Brian (Mark D's dad) were busy removing the shuttering from the retaining wall down in the NE corner, and then set about shuttering the new pad.

Dave M and Allan L were laying out a proposed track route to attempt to get the L & B loco into the NE corner building. This proved to be impossible with normal trackwork due to the tight radii of bends required.  A sector plate is now the only answer.

Garry, assisted by Chris, was working on modifying the decking and fencing in the raised level station area to give better rear access to the ground level raised steaming bays. This was nearly complete at the day's end, and will be completed next Tuesday.

A 'heavily pruned' tree.

Grenville re-filling with weed killer.

Allan L lying down on the job again!

Completed retaining wall


Sunday 24th

A very pleasant Sunday morning just the ticket to work! I found Ian and Rod very busy cutting the green stuff, Ian on the strimmer and Rod hedge trimming. The lads have been very busy on the SM 32. All the top wood had been fitted and a start on the fibre glass top was made today. Myself, I was found myself back on the concrete job helping Brian & Brian, yes 2 ? Dave M was busy tiding up the area by the carriage lift to check if the L& B loco when done could be housed in the building. Peter R was busy working in the shed fixing things to the wall to hang things on!! Its very tidy in there!

Ian and Rod.

Rod very busy.

The wooden top all done.

Brian & Brain you choose which is which I know!

Brian making the top nice after its all been cast.

Yes we know it slops down or up.

Garry's Pannier loco. I finished building this for Garry some year's ago. First time I have seen it, since Garry has upgraded the detailing.

We had to drive to Hastings to fetch it. If we walked down the garden we would have fell in the sea! 

I think the guarantee has expired now!

Mark Ian & Allan with the first sheet of fibre glass and resin  been put down.

Nice smell. Well I think so.

Later, doing well lads. Explains the hedge cutting so can get by!

Rod on mold assemble for the pillars. Looks like a good promotion.

Late arriving photos from Garry Many Thanks


Tuesday 19th

A much cooler day with frequent, and at times, heavy showers. The hort.team were again busy mowing and tidying, whilst John and Stuart were busy working on the Klarchester sensor.
Rodney, having completed the fitting out of the tool shed - and a super job he has made of it too! - was then engaged with Derek measuring up the workshops prior to the evening's discussion on the infrastructure modifications required for the L & B loco project.
Allan D and Mark D were again working on the SM32 cast arches. Dave M, Paul and Garry completed the re-siting of the raised level truck hoist.

In the s..t again! Lying down on the job too!!

Re-sited raised level hoist

Dave and Paul adjusting the drive on one of the hand powered trucks.



Sunday 17th

A sunny Sunday morning at BG today. Not many lads about enjoying it! Dave M had his GWR on test I think injector trouble. Bob was busy catching Mr Mole! New Chris had his 5 "electric loco running around after a major refit of the wheels & axles in the work shop. Mark, Ian & Rod later joined by Allan were very busy on the SM 32. Stuart and John found the reason some light did not work after some long head scratching. Brian and myself got, busy cutting wood to cast a new concrete wall. New Chris was helping move the sand etc from the car park with the muck truck & the clock is still wrong by the miller!

Dave on shed getting up steam.

Bob sorting Mr Mole. Must have a good fur coat now OR is this next winters collection been started!

And the concrete goes around and around like the wheels on the bus.

Brian with a saw STAND back.

The shuttering in place to cast the wall behind it.

Chris with the Hymek having a run around.

The left side is getting close to joining up The new right side is  off to the right A very big "Y" junction is been made.

All done and very full of wet concrete. Next a wall by the rope A floor, then steps up this new wall.



Sunday 10th

A very wet Sunday morning, were we down hearted! Well I am not sure Brian and myself finished the miller DRO installation and commissioned it all. One more job off the long list Brian!! Outside under cover working on the SM 32 were Allan & Mark helped by  Rod found cutting a pipe today not grass?  With them were Ian and Mike B Mark B was found looking at the lawn mover. In the club house were Chris and Neal with Dave M. 

Mark about to start looking for the problem.

Allan & Mark with Brian's trusty barrow.

Rod busy, looks like hard work Rod.  I bury it! whoops forgot he did with grass

The helper giving a hand

Another one almost planted.

Job done.

 Note to self sort the clock out on the wall Brain make a note as well! 4 hours late!

Looking good

The pillar is in place the arch is not set in yet.



Tuesday 5th

The day started dry and mild, but the forecast was for rain by around 10.30 which turned out to be accurate.
Dave M, Paul and Garry were busy under the canopy installing the raised level truck hoist track in its revised position, whilst the hort. team were once again busy grass cutting.
Peter was occupied with the ongoing fitting out of the 'new' tools store, Bill replacing sensors on the ground level track, Brian continuing the installation of the digital readout equipment on the milling machine, and Allan and Mark, later joined by Rod, continuing the casting and installation of more arches for the Ballenyfinnan viaduct.
At around 10.30 Andy Walton arrived with the Lynton & Barnstaple loco - in steam! And then the rain came!
However, this did not stop several members enjoying a drive of this superb locomotive. It is now so much better than it was the last time it was on site, as the wheels are now the right gauge, it has a new boiler, and, thankfully, a new whistle valve!
An enjoyable time was had by all who took time out to drive and admire the loco, despite the, sometimes heavy showers.

L & B crossing Pond Junction

L & B approaching station

Andy driving L & B running into station

At rest in platform 1

In the s... again!!

Dave M - honest! - driving L & B

Work in progress on SM32

Raised level truck hoist track in position

Ballenyfinnan viaduct continues to grow!