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27th Sunday

29th Tuesday    


29th Tuesday

The tatters were in again at BG today in the form of Dave M, Chris, John and Garry with a little occasional help from others. Dave M and Garry then made two trips to the scrap yard. The day was partly cloudy, but warm, which was a help. Allan D and Allan L were busy, along with Mark D working on the cast columns to support the SM32 extension. Brian, along with Peter was working down in the NE corner on the base preparation for the relocated carriage shed. The hort. team were in Mrs Myatt's field, completing the pruning of the hedge, whilst Ossie and Paul(?) were busy refitting electrical signalling contacts on the raised level track.

The Tatters first load.

Ossie and ? working on the raised level track

The waterfall in all its Spring glory

Brian in a vulnerable position!!

Allan D with brush in hand. His mother always said he would be an artist!

Here's one they made earlier. The first support column for the SM32 extension.





27th Sunday

I think, spring is on it way at last. I had to take my coat off to help Brian. Not very many lads on-site today. The club had a stand at the SCRS Exhibition in Sutton for Saturday & Sunday. I hope to get a report and a few photographs for you. On-site was Rod very busy with hand sheers cutting the grass around the pond keep up the good work Rod. I have noticed it's a bit like the forth bridge job! Chris G was very busy sorting out the alloy rail the club had sold? Well sold half of it Chris was splitting it into equal sizes and amounts. Dave M & Brian helped me get a bogie from under the front of the L& B loco as the three carriages and bogies had also been sold. Dave then went off to help Allan on the bridge peer for the SM32. I got stuck in and helped Brian mix concrete for the new base of the shed. The wooden shed under the canopy steaming area is getting relocated.  

SCRS photos many thanks to Peter Mc (bottom two)

Chris busy sorting the aluminium rail in to two equal bundles.

The new base been levelled.

Rod taking a moment out of grass cutting.

Brian making a dust cloud cough cough!

Brian with his trusty bucket deep in thought.

Brian with the first off three trusty barrow full's of concrete we mixed.

Ben on his umpteenth lap.

Job done home time

The first of the SM32 peers for the bridge.

The club stand at the main entrance to the exhibition.

Mike on his 3" scale Allchin Traction engine. Dave with his stationary engines and vertical boiler. 



20th Sunday

  A chilly Easter Sunday Morning. Not a lot being done on the first walk round checking, but Rod was busy finishing the laying of the narrow path down the side of the pond. Dave M had his 7 1/4" Speedy (Paddington) out for a run but not for long and was chatting to Dave; he said it had just gone cold. Eric and Neal had a sweep and wash down around the steaming bay area after emptying a water filled plastic tub.

Mark & Brian were busy cutting some wood for the new bench top. Mark then went to work on the fibre glass mould for the SM32 bridge. Things were not going to plan (No photos taken). Chris was showing Neal around, hes the editor of the Engineering in Miniature work shop magazine. Sorry the NEW EDITOR who has just started and done the next issue, number 215. He bought his small 3 1/2 battery loco for a try out.
I then cut up some more steel to make things easier for the van man, sorry our tatter man and finally joined Brian working on the bench job

The water fall coming out in colour.

Mark on job number one.

Brian cutting the 12mm ply sheet for the bench top. (card table)

Rod working away unnoticed by all.

Neal with his battery loco.

Dave with his Paddington

Rod digging the path up !!!


13th Sunday

A very sunny morning do some work. Bob had his 5"G Southern loco out for a steam test and found an injector problem. He did say he, thought they may play up and nearly tried to do something Saturday but thought it may be worth a try. Colin had his 5 in G battery locomotive out for a run. Brian was busy making a new work bench in the press shop area. Dave helped me cut up the old steel rack with my plasma cutter. Alan D & Mark D were busy on the SM32 track parts making a mould. Rod was busy weeding around the pond yet again. Later I had to weld up the you, guessed it the speedy trolley, only a little job buffer locking plate.

Bobs King Arthur locomotive.

Rod busy cutting grass around the pond Bet is so he can find his golf ball easier!

Dave having a go with the plasmas cutter on the old steel rack.

John Cope left Colin right deep in though sorting wires out. Dave S checking all Ok.

Rod looking for any lost golf balls on the other side.

Allan busy removing the outer bits of the SM 32 bridge support.

The mould is getting more fibre glass added to the top and bottom to make a box.

The speedy trolley with Speedy back on it.

Allan putting a release agent to stop the fibre glass sticking Bees wax smells lovely by the way Allan



8th Tuesday

A dry, sunny morning with a cool breeze greeted the 'crew' today.  Eric and the hort team were busy completing the hedge cutting down towards the NE corner.
Allan L and Mark D worked on a mould for the columns to support the SM32 track towards the bridge which will span the waterfall, watched by a number of members.
Garry, together with Mike Bentley, John C, Peter, Dave M and Chris were busy all day re-locating the steel rack and generally tidying the area ready for the carriage shed to be installed.
It has now been decided not to cast a concrete pad for the shed to sit on, but to sit it on 4 x 4 tanalised fence posts levelled and resting on existing concrete pads already in situ that used to support the steel rack.
'Ted's Shed' has been dismantled, and added to the growing heap of material to be taken to the scrapyard.

Dave M and Mike B moving the steel rack round the back of the building.

Spectators waiting for the action to start!

Dave 'attacking' Ted's shed

Scrap heap challenge!!

Cleared area for shed

Re-located steel rack and ducting store

Completed mould for SM32 supports.


6th Sunday

A dull windy morning but not cold. I arrived on-site to find Dave Meredith  and Len getting their locomotives into steam, Rod was busy weeding by the pond and shouted me to put my light out! I in turn had a funny turn and sat down!  Dave checks a repair job and Len just having a run. Down working in the N/E corner I found Dave M chatting to Chris and Eric re the Great Northern derailing as it was got out passing the gate. Brian was busy as normal, then got even busier with Peter R moving steel from the rack to a new home. This also included, a tidy up & throw out of unwanted steel. Myself I got involved with the track as being the only welder on-site.

Dave Meredith, Not posing as it looks like but holding the button in with his right thumb.


Len with is Leo sweet pea sorting the fire out pre getting up steam.

Rod busy by the pond weeding ready for a new path / track to be installed on the SM32

The new extension to the SM 32 is going down here SEE the SM 32 page for more details

Dave about to grind the frog on the points. In the end the bit of short rail close to Dave got removed and welded back

in place to stop the derailing.

Dave Meredith on route around.

Peter & Brian busy sorting the steel rack out.

Peter finding the next bit to save or scrap!



1st Tuesday

The hort. team were again up early this week and had already felled several large branches when the writer arrived.  It was a fine, sunny, morning - just right for the task.
Ron was trying to get the bonfire to light, but had little success, and then went to help Bill, Eric and Grenville with the hedge cutting.
Roger was again busy on his landing stage project, while Dave M and Garry, later assisted by Mark B. were busy re-installing the bogies, which had been fitted with new air cylinders, under Great Northern. Dave M also helped Brian re-assemble the vertical head on the milling machine.
Allan L replaced the safety latch on the turntable.
Mark D. carried out a hydraulic test on the Society's Britannia, but failed it due to leaks from a unknown source. The cladding has now to be removed to assess the remedial work required.
Chris worked on the lathe facing the L & B loco wheels, and then gave Great Northern a test run, but only after it, and Jubilee suffered derailments in the NE corner, which will be the subject of investigation next week.

This week's caption competition. Answers on a postcard please!

Roger knocking hells bells out of the landing stage.

The hort. team at work

Chris finishing the L & B loco wheels

Ron dragging another branch to the bonfire.

Club Britannia after its hydraulic failure.

Great Northern now complete with bogie sideframes. All it now requires is the cow catcher to be replaced.

Happy chicken!!