Two & Half Rally 3rd August 2014

This annual event, which took place recently, was as well attended as ever.  A total of some fifteen models were either steamed or on static display as work in progress. Towards the end of the day, by way of diversion, two diesel outline battery powered radio controlled locos appeared - competition for our own SM32 perhaps.

Apart from the loco owners and their families, we also had the usual influx of visiting supporters for this event. Cath and Andrea worked tirelessly all day to keep the visitors fed and watered.  Thank you both.

Another visitor that day was our old friend George Finnimore with his 7.1/4" Romulus.  He and Dave Moseley (Paddington) gave rides as required on the ground level track and our own Hymek was available for the odd few who wanted to have a go.

The visitor's co-ordinator, Steve Eaton, displayed several examples of patterns for casting loco wheels, cylinder blocks and chimneys which he can produce by the relatively new process of computer 3D printing in plastic.  He says it is far less labour intensive than making wooden patterns.

The weather was kind to us all day, and I am not aware of any problems, so a big thank you to those members who supported this very successful event.

Many thanks to Chris Greene the event coordinator for the day.


Slide show of the day

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