May Day Steam Up

Monday 5th

A very pleasant day but with a small breeze. The lads were busy before I arrived on-site Bob was in steam running around Dave had his engine on shed. Mark Allan Rod and Dave O were busy doing a mock up on the SM 32 bridge.  John Cope arrived with his 5 inch Polly The Steve W  arrived with his 7 1/4" engine. A new member was having a steam test on his Foden lorry We had a few family visitors pop in for a trip around. All in all a very good day.


The SM 32 bridge been tried in place.

Bob just arrived back in the station

The Foden having it's steam test.

Dave with his engine trust me there is one.

Bob cleaning out the boiler tubes on his engine.

Mark just arriving back after giving a lesson.

Past the driving lesson on the first solo lap.

Are we keeping up up Neal.

Steam up Peter adjusting the safety valves.

Mom Driving Son not paying attention Allan holding the bucket.