Bonfire Day & Night 2014

The weather man got the forecast correct today & by George was he correct, it rained like rain, not a shower but rain. If you were collecting buckets of it you would need more buckets.

I arrived on-site at 9.40am to find it raining. The lads had made a start on the bonfire building, so I got stuck in. Slowly it got something like a fire should look but very wet and very slippery. The bell went for coffee which we took our time over drinking, only to find it had not stopped raining. So, yes, we just carried on till the stockpile of wood had been all used up.

The next little job that had been forgotten about was the rope lights down the drive. They were got out the loft, steel stakes found and work started. Then the heavens opened even worse so we gave up and ran for cover. Moments later the dinner bell rang. Dinner today was sausages, beans, and chips A very welcoming meal and time to dry out.

A discussion was had as to whose phone weather forecast was the best. By this time the wet stuff had eased off. So we thought it may be nice idea to put the two gazebos up on the start of each train queue.  As we were putting the gazebos up the rain abated a little and the sky became a  lighter over Bill's mothers. This was the start to the end of the rain, as it was now only light drizzle.

Steve Wilkin & Dave S arrived with their two Stafford locomotives they were to run double heading their train. The club stock was got ready along with the two club locomotives. Bob Whitfield arrived with his Barron around the same time.

Pip & Chris arrived to start setting up the fire work display. This is a time-consuming job. They were both worried because it had stopped raining but the wind had woken up, this was around 4 pm

Around the site all were working very hard for the opening of the gate. Evening tea for the lads and lady's was a baked spud with either cheeses, chicken curry, beans or butter OR any combinations thereof. Pudding which was all gone when the three of us- Pip, Chris & myself got there at 6.15pm It would have been apple & pear pie and custard. There was custard left so we had that instead. Very nice as well. As we left the kitchen the party had already started.

The fire was lit and burned very nicely. The trains were kept busy all the time until 7.15pm when all must be stopped for the firework display. The display lasted around 15 minutes. I was told there were lots of oohs and arrrs as the display went on. To us it's just loud bangs around us unless we look up, which is why we run at the end to see if it is like what it said on the tin.  We three thank you for the applause at the end.

But more so the SCMES all thank you for coming to the event this year.  and if you did not WHY not?

Hope you enjoy the slide show. Many thanks to Eric Peter Mc Steve K Steve W for sending in their photos

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