Sunday Sept 1 2013

So September began with a fine sunny day; just what was needed for our inaugural driving competition.

Competitors were required to manage their engine and train safely over a long run involving 4 anticlockwise and one clockwise circuits. They also had to couple, shunt stock and turn, and carefully judge their speed over our temporary speed limit'. An extensive overall test that took each of them 35-50 minutes.  We were pleasantly surpised at how successful they were at the speed limit test, all managing to regulate the train to within a +0mph/-1mph  tolerance, and without any speedometer on the locos!  

I think all competitors enjoyed the challenge, as did the rest of us as spectators, especially during the reverse running.   I think this has inspired several members to look at improving our pointwork so that reverse circuits are easier to set up and give smoother running.

All in all it was great to just be playing trains instead of fundraising, or  working hard on maintaing and developing our facilities.


And the winner was...... Mr John Copestick, with Allan Leary as runner up.

My special thanks to the three bold souls, Allan, Brian and John, who were prepared to put their driving skills to the test in front of an audience. Our thanks also go to all who helped make  this successful, especially to Mark Dale and Neil, our competition judges, members who acted as track marshalls, Bill for his signal expertise and not least the ladies who kept us supplied with refreshments.