Bonfire Night 2013


Bonfire night has come around again. I arrived on site at10.20 am to find there was a lot of lads hard at work. The bonfire was well under construction. The fencing was been put up as was the potato tent. The spud oven was ready to be filled up. So I thought I better make a start. You guessed it climbing on the bonfire. Not many pallets this year or furniture of good quality to stand on and be safe. After a supper dinner we made a start on getting the club stock out. Mark's work in sorting and testing paid dividends as this job went of well.

The Burger van came and tried new spot. Bob arrived with the "Barron" locomotive. Garry arrived also with his Dutchess, Dave had his Stafford on shed for the night to begin.

The fire work display ! what do they look like I just here the bangs over my head hence the run to see the last lot go up. Many thanks to Chris and Pip for the expertise in this field of letting off bangers They certainly know what to do as you can see setting up the finally. I would video and photo more but they come out to dark,. I am trying for you.

We at the SCMES thank you all for coming, many of whom have been many times before. It is a long day for us locking the gate at 10.50 pm but we enjoy the fun just as much


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