A G M 2013


A wet and chilly day at times. Bob ran his 5 " Speedy on the ground level. Len ran on the high level. later Allan ran his 7 1/4" Jessie locomotive. I was busy making a new driver eye video on the Hymek showing all the different routes  that can be selected via a touch of a button. The AGM meeting started prompt at 5pm and closed at 6.20pm Then the barbeque was light for burgers and hot dogs. all washed down with as much tea or coffee you could drink, all thanks to the ladies in the kitchen.


Bob unloading his Speedy.

Bob getting wet

Rod and Allan chatting about the water fall pump not working.

Allan just lighting the fire on his Jessie,  Bob all done for the day. Len in far background all done.

Allan  deep in thought.

All ready for the meeting.

Cooking on GAS Allan playing with fire yet again. After lighting the charcoal.

The speed merchants double  heading.