For some time now there has been concern about the condition of the high level track.  The cement in between the blocks and track base has deteriorated over successive winters to the extent that it was considered that the most sensible way forward was to strip and completely refurbish it.   It is around 30 years since it was originally built and well before the ground level; the complete rebuild and extension of which was finished last year.  Also like the ground level track, the signal cabling will be replaced and put into trunking rather than as now leaving the cabling dangling dangerously below the track base.   

Mike Bentley has volunteered to head up the rebuild/refurbishment.

I have been asked to lead the renovation of the high level track project.
As you can see we no longer have a usable high level track. Beams had to be removed ready for re-positioning. About a third of them will need to be removed. We feel movement is due to extreme heat / cold. Affected ones face south - I think. The track will all have to come off and be relayed with new sections in places. Please warn everyone that the track is not useable. We hope to have it back in use by Spring.

Please contact Mike if can help him. He is in the club email /phone list


Due to the nature of the last stage of workings on this project. Slow pointing of mortar in the track bed It is fully photographed in the

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