This page is a extra page to the history book, It will have all the photos on with there page number to which it is of interest.

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Page 4 : David Palmer Frank Whitehead Walter Laight   Preface      
Page 10 Bill Hall       Part II      
Page 11: (David) D Palmer       Part II      
Page 12 (Frank) F. Emmerson          Part II      
Page 13 G. C. Nicholson. Geoff       Part II      
Page 15 Lea Marston Early Years 4 Photographs of Marston     Part III      
Page17 Jim Balleny Our benefactor.       Part IV      
Page 18 Ken Little Dick Pearce  Peter McMillan The New 2 1/2 Acre field Part IV      
Page 19 The Main Gate Had To Be Relocated       Part IV      
Page 21 Frank Ashmore       Part IV      
Page 24  Install a 'Klargester' sewerage storage tank. The Main Building under construction  Lower Level Track    Part VI Track Works Lower Level Track # MBuC  
  High Level Track construction Lea Marston The Final March 1983     Canopy  Steaming Bay Area. Part VI   # CSba  
Page 25 Barry Kefford W. M. McKie     Part VI      
  The New Drive Way         Part VI   # NEW  

 Mike Hughes 1981/82 Collection


 I have acquired 2 volumes of photos taken by David Palmer dated

Volume One    1981 to Aug 1985  All scanned and used in the above pages

Volume Two   Sept 1985 to Feb 1987   Huston we have a problem! not any of the development of SCMES. All about rally's we have had on site.

I will do my best to sort out some interesting photographs and list them in Month order.

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