In the light of events it was fortuitous that I was able to make this review of the Society's history, when I did. For this I am indebted to the late David Palmer and to the trustee of his estate who passed to me his copious jottings, tragically brought to an end by his sudden demise.


My appreciation for the help afforded by a former Society Chairman Bill Hall. Bill has accompanied me during my researches and has scheduled much of the information gleaned from Walter H. Laight, a former Chairman.


To Roger Addenbrooke, for his compilation of many useful facts concerning the early history of the Society.


To John P. Bertinat and Walter H. Laight, for all the effort and time they have devote to setting down their memories and impressions, extending over a period of 48 years, since first becoming part of that small group who founded the Society in 1948.


To the proof reading, by Paul H. Ennis, a former Committee member along with Ken

Little, a former Chairman, of what I have set down in an honest endeavour to reflect a full and accurate picture of our history extending from 1948 up to the present date.


Finally, I wish to thank Roger Timings for editing the entire document and preparing it for printing, and Garry Tyso for its printing, binding and publication.


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