Ground Level Track Laying From The Start.

March 1985 May 1985  June 1985 August 1985 Oct 1985 Jan 1986 March 1986 April 1986 May 1986 Oct 1986 Dec 1986

The man in the hole is digging the water storage, we collect rain water for the engines to use.



May 1985


June 1985

There are 2 of these diamond crossing, they make a lovely noise when the wheels hit them.

The other one is by the welding mask Not yet started to be made.


August 1985

Looking good No slabs or Canopy around the building, That some time away. Or Foot Bridge installed. I never did find out why

the 2 post where put in by the back of the car. You will see them from time to time.

 Oct 85

The new track is going to the left of the tree by the road as it is now. But we are in the process of putting a new track by the side of that one.

Look No Tracks at all.

Must be getting cold they are turning of the air con to the club house Look found out what the posts where for!!!!

 January 1986

A few slabs been put down.

March 1986

Even got some slabs by the club house door. No saying what's in the green tin hut, but you

came out quickly.

The door way that was closed up and mad in to a window, which you can not see out off.

Track re-alignment. to allow for the new track to be put in place later.

 April 1986

The new track in to the station.

This photo has just explained a lot to me.

The Pond with a island in it, Spent many a hour playing with a little boat going around there. The island was took out because the pool

leaked bad.

 May 1986

You can see what was in the way for the new track around the site. The yellow pipes are where it will

be put.

A fair bit of grass been moved and ducting been put in place for cables all to be put underground.

 Oct 1986

 December 1986


I recall we had a digger in to move this lot out of the way.

On a chilly cold frosty morning.

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