The Steaming Bay Area Is Very Interesting Project.

 July 1984  March 1985 June 1985 July 1985 Aug 1985

Under the foot bridge looking back to the gate.

The next set are dated  Dec 1982 1983 Looks wet and chilly!!

Look like's summer to me!

The canopy came from a petrol pump station, 20.00 I found out it cost them. The lad removed it, and rebuilt it with the roof  up side

down so not to make it look wrong for our needs.


July 1984




A busy day All you see is still there to day. I even had the welder out to us as well Little blue box on the track to weld the new track

Phase 5


March 1985



Starting To look like we know it, all the floor is laid.

Someone starting to dig out the other side the raised track for slabs to be put down. Now it cover in decking.

Still a lot of funny square white brick to be laid in the turn table centre by the looks of the pile over there.

Grass looks a bit long under the camera. 


August 1985


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