The road way was done the proper way looking at the equipment used, in May 1994. I have heard they used some old concrete lamp post broken up and put down.

 Aug 1985    






Looking at what now is the level crossing. With Mr F Whitehead just arriving.





















No idea who they are, but I think the handle on the broom & shovel are cold so they are warming them  up!






















Not Members now but the owners of the road rollers where members and they came to roll it all out.






















I think the engine is just by the concrete pad and walk way in to the station area. The 2 people would be by the signal box and the tree there now.




















Get out the way Mister or else!!!!



The back of the engine is on the level crossing











Funny 2 engine on site only found photos of one working.

Roof coming on well.













August 1985

I found this one Braking up the old lamp post that where left over.                            

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