The main Building Under construction.                            Up Dated Photos are Linked in Below 

June 1984 July 1984      

Standing by the window on the end of the building by the drive


Standing by the patio door


The Ladies loo


Not sure its puzzling me !


Ken on a hot day or working hard, I think the latter. Ken I believe  did a very big a mount of work for the club.


When I nod my head you give it a little tap I sure we will  brake the little brick!!!!!


 Standing at the back of the building by the gate crossing.


Standing by the serving hatch looking thought the building at the gate.   why is it everybody got a hammer hitting  things.


Ken and Barry Kefford.


Standing up high!!! in the corridor or there about, The door way you can see is not used now.


 Getting there The door which is not sure and Note no patio door.


The kitchen window from in side.

Dec 1982 1983

Dec 1982 1983


June 1984



July 1984



September 1984


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