Some old photos of our club have been email in for a past  member of the club

Mike Hughes

Mike email us and said

In 1981/82 the SC & NB MES did an exhibition at the Princess Alice Children's Home, which is now Tesco's. I did Night Watchman with Bill Hall in the main hall. The photos were taken during the following day. The driver of the Dock Tank is John Clayton who was past Society Secretary. I  think the loco is in the photo of Mick McKie and Barry Kefford in the Society History.

The 'square' photo's were taken at a school fete in Sutton Coldfield. The larger engine is being driven by Geoff Nicholson and the other with the smaller engine is Mick McKie.

I have also attached my effort to date. the loco is a 3 1/2" gauge 'Firefly'. I started it in 1981 but due to personal circumstances I haven't worked on it since 1986. It had a rather serious accident in 1985 when I drove off with it still on the roof of my car. The chassis slid off at about 20 mph and hit the road. Fortunately I was able to straighten the frames out and was quite surprised that the hornguides which had just been machined came back 'true'. I do have plans to complete it in the future.

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