From time to time fellow members and myself have been asked for
  information regarding the origin and pursuits of the Sutton Coldfield
  Model Engineering Society. This potted history assembled by Frank
  Whitehead provides most of the answers.
  I am happy to write this foreword since reading the draft copy has revived
  many happy memories associated with this absorbing and diverse hobby.
  This history shows how people from many walks of life come together
  with a common interest to promote and develop craftsmanship and
  practical skills, which may be passed from generation to generation.
  I am sure that all members of the Sutton Coldfield Model Engineering
  Society, are indebted to Frank for his painstaking research in assembling
  the historical detail of the Society. I commend this history to members,
  future members and all who are interested in reproducing miniature
  working replicas of any mechanical or electrical item imaginable. For us
  "old-uns" it makes interesting and nostalgic reading.

	Stan Jones
   President (1997)
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