Membership Details

    New members are always very welcome, it doesn't matter where your interests lie in model engineering. We have members who model in 32mm gauge up to 7 1/4" gauge locomotives, also traction engines, stationary engine and even clock and boat builders. Also, many of our members have interests in N gauge right up to 12" to the foot scale (full size)

Our subscription rates from 1st April  2019 are as follows;


Full Membership 59.00
Senior Citizen membership 54.00
Junior membership 18.00
Associated /Friends membership 18.00
Introductory Membership programme 20.00


    We run a introductory membership programme where you can pay a small fee and become a member for 3 months. You will have all the benefits of a full member, except you can't vote at the society AGM and you can't have a boiler test until you become a full member. You can run your locomotives or traction engines with a current boiler certificate. You are encouraged to join in any events during your introductory period. After the 3 month period  you are either free to leave the society, you can up grade to a full member and pay the balance of the full membership. Please call in for a chat.

    The club owns the 2 1/2 acre plot of land where we have ground and high level tracks.  We have regular Steam up Days - usually the first Sunday in the month and some Saturdays as listed in our Steaming Ahead  - this is our monthly news letter. You will be able to join in all aspects of our society, be it for only a couple of hours on a Sunday morning or Tuesday for club maintenance, upgrading of the site etc. or you may feel like you can help in other ways or at our events. We have a very full programme of events for most years. There is no hard work we do not allow this! There is always lots of tea/coffee to hand. 

    In addition, the society owns a 3.1/2"guage and a 5" gauge steam locomotive, as well as four 7.1/4" gauge diesel outline locomotives, all of which are available for member's use. There are no age limits for joining although junior members must have a parent or family member as a member and responsible adult. So come on!  With an offer like this, how can you not give it a try? Contact us for a chat and come and see our facilities for yourself.  What are you waiting for? Call in / Email us NOW.

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